Special K v. 0.8.57

 (.1): Added a startup banner with version info, and new options to control the
         complexity of the FPS readout in the OSD.

  + Improved SteamAPI offline DRM bypass to work in all games tested;
   + Improved support for native Steam controller games

    >> Local DLL wrapper is needed for both of these things and so is the
         INI option referred to as "SpoofBLoggedOn."

  + In D3D11 games that use multi-threaded rendering, ReShade triggering works
      as intended.
  + Added option to disable gamepad input to a game, similar to the m&kb options

  * New Command Console Variables:
    Input.Keyboard.DisableToGame  (Boolean): Blocks Keyboard Input
    Input.Mouse.DisableToGame     (Boolean): Blocks Mouse Input
    Input.Gamepad.DisableToGame   (Boolean): Blocks Gamepad Input
    Input.Gamepad.DisableRumble   (Boolean): Blocks Rumble*
                                     (*) All APIs except DirectInput

    Input.Gamepad.XInput.UIController (Integer): 0-3,   4=Disable
    Input.Gamepad.Steam.UIController  (Integer): 0-15, 16=Disable