Special K v 0.8.50

``` (.4): Cumulative updates to support .hack//G.U. (.1): Enabled persistent storage of sleep-wait framerate limiter preferences
  • Added options to control line and contour anti-aliasing in ImGui
  • Added option to disable alpha transparency on Special K's UI

Solves flickering in some DirectDraw, D3D8 and D3D9 games

  • Corrected ReShade's SMAA shader so that edge-detection when using depth respects the "upside down" pre-processor definition

    (Use attached SMAA.fxh)

  • Fixed the ability to drag ReShade effects to change their order

  • Added options to block Keyboard / Mouse input to games, to prevent them from changing input icons if you don't want that.

  • Added Alt + F4 Confirmation Dialog for games that usually block Alt+F4

  • Made ReShade Shim Loading a bit more sane

(d3d11, d3d9 and GL DLLs are dynamically generated on first load)

  • Added D3D11 Texture Mod Reload Support