Special K v 0.8.49

 (.1): Performance optimization for heavily multi-threaded engines that
         map and unmap D3D11 memory from different threads.

+ Added global injection whitelist using Regular Expression syntax.

  Manually create Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\whitelist.ini and enter
    patterns to match, one per line.

   >> Implicitly, the whitelist already contains this pattern:

        "SteamApps\\common\\" , which is part of the executable path for all
                                  Steam games.

  *** Restart global injection using SKIM64 any time you change the whitelist;
        it is only parsed at startup. ***

+ Locally wrapped games can now load ReShade from a central location by using a new
    shim loader DLL (ReShade32.dll / ReShade64.dll).
+ Eliminates D3D11 shaders generated by ReShade from the shader list
   >> That used to be a good way to crash the game ;)