Special K v 0.8.47

 + Fixes LZMA decompression issues introduced a few versions ago for D3D9 texture streaming
  >> Makes upgrades using a 64-bit executable impossible, please use a 32-bit game to get this update.

 + Added rescale-to-fit behavior to Live Render Target and Texture View (D3D11)
 + Added support for DisableIfTexture predicate to d3d11_shaders.ini

  >> Right click a shader to access this menu (generally pixel shaders only)

 + Added per-tracked shader wireframe/on-top state and cleaned up D3D11 shader UI

  >> Default is now to draw the tracked shader on-top


 + Added support for D3D11 Shader state load/store (d3d11_shaders.ini)

      (Refer to the new button pannel in the Shader Mod Tools)

  >> Will add annotations for hash names to something more meaningful later
  >> Will also add ability to save shader profiles in order to enable/disable
       known effects.
  >> Command console will also allow loading profiles by name and manipulating
       the stored shader values, so that you can macro this stuff to keybinds.

 + Added sRGB -> UNORM override if Flip Model is enabled in D3D11 games, this
     allows G-Sync in Unity games

 + Added FlipEx mode to D3D9Ex override, allowing G-Sync in windowed mode in D3D9