Special K v 0.8.44

 + Added Denuvo activation management to all Denuvo Anti-tamper-based (STEAM games)

  >> I am not a fan of Origin, maybe if they publish more games I like and open up their
       platform's API a little bit I will give Origin+Denuvo the same features? :)

 + Corrected formatting on the D3D9 framebuffer tooltip

  >> Mouseover the resolution number in a D3D9 game for Special K's "stats for Nerds" :P

 + Added support for games that use the very latest version of SteamAPI (mostly VR nonsense)
 + Improved performance in games that busy-wait using PeekMessage (...)  (i.e. Sonic Mania)
 + Minor correction for some D3D9 games having issues with texture modding