+ Performance-tuned memory pattern scanner to offer alignment and address above/below
     search heuristics.

   >> Significantly speeds up repeating pattern searches (i.e. hard-coded resolutions)
 + Added Resolution Override to Gal Gun and Akiba's Trip

  >> This is different from the way this feature normally works, it goes beyond API
       reflection/introspection and instead patches certain hardcoded arrays of memory
         in really crappy JRPG ports.

 + Added D3D11 Wireframe Mode (per-shader)
 + Added additional D3D11 Shader Culling options (per-Shader Resource View)
 + Added support for BC7 and BC6H textures to Final Fantasy X/X-2
 + Fixed Shader Resource View formats for injected D3D11 textures using alternate formats
 + Fixed Global Injection Blacklist issues
 + Turned off all widgets by default for new installs


 + Added option to flip textures in D3D11 Live Texture View
 + Added indicator for injected textures to D3D11 Live Texture View
 + Corrected texture hashes listed in D3D11 Live Texture View
 + ReShade can now be opened independently of Special K's config menu
 + Fixed ReShade draw order in OpenGL games