Special K v 0.8.34

 + Fixed SteamAPI problem in Dark Souls III
 + Added Browse ReShade Assets to File Menu
 + Improved ReShade stats screen
 + Improved controller support in ReShade's UI
 + ReShade game presets are now stored in Profiles\<appname>\ReShade\<executable.ini>


 + Framerate limiter defaults to busy-wait again
  * The customization you do to the non-busy-wait method (under Advanced) are not saved
      when you exit a game.

 Added Support for Custom ReShade
  + This release comes bundled with a test version of unofficial ReShade 3.0.666 ;)
  + The custom version goes in PlugIns/Unofficial, and you should place the official
      release (if you want/need it) into PlugIns/ThirdParty
  + Only the global injector version of Special K supports custom ReShade, you can
      select between official / custom under the PlugIns menu

   >> The custom version includes:
    * Gamepad / keyboard support on config menu
    * Per-game presets, textures and shaders
     + Place Textures in Documents/My Mods/SpecialK/Profiles/<App Name>/ReShade/Textures
     + Place Shaders in Documents/My Mods/SpecialK/Profiles/<App Name>/ReShade/Shaders
    * Always loads a game's preset on start, instead of the last used preset