Special K v 0.8.30

  + Added D3D11 Graphics Pipeline Widget, it displays most of the important stats from the
      shader analytics feature (Ctrl + Shift + R) over a 5 to 10-second history.
  + Added D3D11 SwapChain Menu, I'll fill the stuff in with tooltips later.
   >> This mostly benefits Windows 10 users
  + Fixed Trails of Cold Steel Alt+F4 behavior so it no longer exits if you're trying to
      close a different program
  + Added 1 frame swapchain latency in Flip Mode to ensure G-Sync doesn't destroy timing :)
   >> Will make this an option and restore the original latency reducing measures for
        non-G-Sync users in a future update.

  + Added CPU Monitor as an official widget, with OSD config and all
  + Added grid rulers for docked widgets while moving them
  + Added option to disable resizing widgets
  + Added persistent storage of widget positions
  + Added user-defined min/max size constraints to widgets
  + Fixed keybind parsing problems with numpad and Left/Right Alt keys

  + Fixed D3D8 / DDraw Wrapping

 + Added persistent config to some of the widgets (Volume Control / GPU Stats / Framepacing)
  >> Right click those widgets to open a config menu for them
 + Fixed DDRAW / D3D8 wrapper problems
 + Corrected scaling on menus