• Added G-Sync status to framerate readout on OSD

  • Cleaned up log formatting, turn wordwrap off to appreciate the changes ;)

  • Various DLL Loader compliance issues have been fixed (in third-party software), including using incorrect paths, wrong flags, etc.

    I am likely to encounter broken software that relied on the original undefined behavior, I'll fix it when it causes problems :)

    This change actually solves a few oddball problems in the meantime

  • Added mouse warp deadzone configuration to the control panel for games with obnoxious mouselook.

  • Fixed occasional Wbem Locator issues caused by the Steam Overlay

    The reason that CPU stats, etc. can take several seconds to load is because the Steam overlay holds a thread sync lock on the service needed for those stats. The reason those stats sometimes crash games is ... because the Steam overlay holds a lock.

    Tsk, tsk, Steam - other people need those services too, damit :)