Special K v 0.8.24

  • Fix deadlock caused by MSI Nahimic due to hotpatching 32-bit code

Add MORE padding bytes than the x86 ABI requires because Nahimic is borked

  • Fixed all known multi-threaded rendering problems (Dishonored2 can be debugged now).
  • Reduced texture cache overhead
  • Improved WMI monitoring performance / .2:

  • Crash logs are now stored persistently in logs/crash//...
  • Updated SKIM64 to add more functionality to tray menu

  • Added Window Border Style settings to Display menu
  • Corrected several Windows 7 issues
  • Improved DOSBox OpenGL support
  • Improved thread-safety in D3D11 shader mod tools; still can't safely debug Dishonored 2
  • Fixed input support in Final Fantasy 8