Special K v 0.8.14
 + Added Fullscreen Exclusive Mode indicator to control panel for D3D8/9/11 games
 + Added D3D11 Safe Fullscreen option for games that disable fullscreen mode
    (i.e. LEGO City Undercover, Final Fantasy X/X-2, anything on Windows Store)
    ==> Set SafeFullscreenMode in dxgi.ini / SpecialK.ini, then press Alt+Enter
 + Added option to install wrapper DLL through global injector's compat. menu
 + Fixed framerate statistics above ~333 FPS
 + Disabled DirectDraw and D3D8 in 64-bit builds
 + Disabled Vulkan and D3D12 in 32-bit builds
 + Added support for games that change render API without a full restart;
     OSD will not work, but the game will continue running ;)
 + Fixed WMI Performance Monitoring thread initialization
 + Added DirectDraw support (using dgVoodoo)
 + Fixed OpenGL vertex memory management in Sinless
 + Fixed achievement popups with partial progress (no longer treated as unlock)
 + Screenshot on achievement unlock fixed when popups are disabled
 + Added Texture LOD Selection to D3D11 Texture View
 + Added Texture Set Filtering to D3D11 Texture View
 + Added XInput vibration parameter validation
 + Fixed alt-tab in Fullscreen mode in EverQuest and Hunie Pop
 + Fixed double-input processing in God Eater 2: Rageburst
 + Fixed SteamAPI init. problems in Final Fantasy IX
 + Fixed typo (spe----) in EULA
 + Improved Gamepad Input in Audio Session Selector
 + Changed OSD to draw below ImGui control panel in D3D9
 + Fixed Achievement Popups in Senkran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
 + Fixed Overlay Rendering in Pillars of Eternity / Tyranny / Torment

Pre-Compiled Version hosted on GitHub