Commit 524b5281 authored by Vincent Privat's avatar Vincent Privat

fix #josm15385

git-svn-id: b9d5c4c9-76e1-0310-9c85-f3177eceb1e4
parent f0c77228
......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ public class WikipediaToggleDialog extends ToggleDialog implements ActiveLayerCh
final Collection<OsmPrimitive> selected = MainApplication.getLayerManager().getEditDataSet().getSelected();
if (!GuiUtils.confirmOverwrite(tag.getKey(), tag.getValue(), selected)) {
if (selected.isEmpty() || !GuiUtils.confirmOverwrite(tag.getKey(), tag.getValue(), selected)) {
ChangePropertyCommand cmd = new ChangePropertyCommand(
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