Commit cd10487e authored by Izzy's avatar Izzy

one more condition refined

parent 52b580e7
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ The app …
* should be free (as in „free beer“ **and** as in „free speech“) and Open Source
* must be targeted at end users (so no libraries, proof-of-concept demos, etc.)
* its code must be freely accessible, preferably at [Github], [GitLab], [NotABug], [Codeberg] or a similar platform
* if the app processes sensitive data (e.g. health data, passwords), it must have no trackers (same for apps for children)
* if the app processes sensitive data (e.g. health data, passwords) or has root permissions, it must have no trackers at all (same for apps for children)
* it preferably has no proprietary components. While some of them might be acceptable, trackers (e.g. ads, analytics) are tolerated at best but only if there are no more than two such modules.
* that code repository should have a proper description so it gets clear what it is
* the `.apk` file must be available from the project. Currently, *IzzyOnDroid* can work with files
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