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making our library definitions public

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"NonFreeDep" : "The application depends on a non-free application (e.g. Google Maps) - i.e. it requires it to be installed on the device, but does not include it.",
"Ads" : "The application contains advertising.",
"ApplicationDebuggable" : "APK files of this application are compiled for debugging („application-debuggable“). For details, see e.g. <a href=\"\">What are the security implications of using an app built “for debug”</a>.",
"NonFreeAdd" : "The application promotes non-free add-ons, such that the app is effectively an advert for other non-free software and such software is not clearly labelled as such.",
"Tracking" : "The application tracks and reports your activity to somewhere either without your consent, or by default (i.e. you’d have to actively disable it). It’s commonly used for when developers obtain crash logs without the user’s consent, or when an app is useless without some kind of authentication.",
"NonFreeNet" : "This application promotes or entirely depends a non-Free network service.",
"NonFreeAssets" : "The application contains and makes use of non-free assets. The most common case is apps using artwork - images, sounds, music, etc - under a non-commercial license.",
"UpstreamNonFree" : "The application is or depends on non-free software. This does not mean that non-free software is included with the app: Most likely, it has been patched in some way to remove the non-free code. However, functionality may be missing.",
"DisabledAlgorithm": "This APK was signed using a signature algorithm that was disabled because it is broken.",
"KnownVuln": "This APK has a known security vulnerability, found by one of the scanners in _fdroidserver_. The most common case is a broken signature algorithm or using a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.",
"NoSourceSince": "Upstream source for this app is no longer available. Either the app went commercial, the repo was dropped, or it has moved to a location currently unknown to us. This usual means there won't be further updates unless the source reappears."
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