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......@@ -61,6 +61,23 @@ single `.apk` files. If multiple files can fit in this limit, the repo holds up
to 3 versions. Also, certain categories of apps are not accepted – e.g. games.
Exceptions are made, but not often.
## I'm just a simple, not tech-savy user, how can I support you?
True, there's much time I spend on my open source projects, and server costs have
to be considered as well. So if you're just a happy user looking how you can give
some „backing“ – you're very welcome to do so [via LiberaPay](,
e.g. setting up to send over a few cents per month.
There are many other projects you can help the very same way, e.g.:
* [the F-Droid team](, which works hard to make free and save Android Apps available to you
* [microG](, which helps you free your Droid from Google's chains
* [Gadgetbridge](, letting you use your smart watch without the risks of their cloud services
* and [hundreds more](, not restricted to the Android world
*LiberaPay* [is open source]( as well, and of course
you can [support LiberaPay via LiberaPay]( Or bring your favorite
non-profit teams there, so you can support them from the same place. Easy to do.
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