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minor corrections and additions

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......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@
{"id": "/com/fmsirvent/ParallaxEverywhere", "emphasize": 0, "details": "a library with alternative android widgets with parallax effects.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/fourmob/colorpicker", "emphasize": 0, "details": "library which contains the beautiful ColorPicker (let the user pick a color).", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/freerdp/freerdpcore", "emphasize": 0, "details": "a Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/frogermcs/activityframemetrics", "emphasize": 0, "details": "detect janky frames with Android Nougat FrameMetrics.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/frogermcs/activityframemetrics", "emphasize": 0, "details": "detect janky frames with Android Nougat FrameMetrics and report via logcat.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/frostwire/jlibtorrent", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Java interface for libtorrent by the makers of FrostWire.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/fsck/splitview", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Lets a user resize a pair of adjacent views", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/futuremind/recyclerviewfastscroll", "emphasize": 0, "details": "fast scroll and section indexer for recycler view.", "mwid": ""}
......@@ -348,6 +348,8 @@
{"id": "/com/jrummyapps/android/shell", "emphasize": 0, "details": "execute shell commands on Android.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/kabouzeid/appthemehelper", "emphasize": 0, "details": "helper library for app-level theming.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/karumi/dexter", "emphasize": 0, "details": "library that simplifies the process of requesting permissions at runtime.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/kenai/jffi", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Java Foreign Function Interface", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/kenai/jnr/x86asm", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Pure java x86 and x86_64 assembler", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/kenny/snackbar", "emphasize": 0, "details": "SnackBar messages for Android Apps.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/kennyc/bottomsheet", "emphasize": 0, "details": "BottomSheet style dialogs.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/kennyc/colorchooser", "emphasize": 0, "details": "simple color picker.", "mwid": ""}
......@@ -508,6 +510,7 @@
{"id": "/com/satsuware/usefulviews", "emphasize": 0, "details": "some useful widgets for Android such as a floating label Spinner and a flippable card.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/sdsmdg/harjot/croller", "emphasize": 0, "details": "a circular seekbar with a control knob.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/sdsmdg/tastytoast", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Make better looking toast messages", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/sensorsdata/analytics/android/sdk", "emphasize": 0, "details": "the official Android SDK for Sensors Analytics.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/shaded/fasterxml/jackson", "emphasize": 0, "details": "modules to process data encoded in Avro, BSON, CBOR, CSV, Smile, (Java) Properties, Protobuf, XML or YAML.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/shamanland/fonticon", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Android implementation of font-based icons.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/shehabic/droppy", "emphasize": 0, "details": "fully customizable Android drop-down menu that supports Text with/without Icons, Separators, and even fully customized views.", "mwid": ""}
......@@ -592,6 +595,7 @@
{"id": "/com/unstoppable/submitbuttonview", "emphasize": 0, "details": "", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/uphyca/stetho_realm", "emphasize": 0, "details": "displays Realm database content in <a href='' target='_blank'>Stetho</a>.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/uservoice/uservoicesdk", "emphasize": 0, "details": "integrate a native <a href='' target='_blank'>UserVoice</a> experience directly into Android apps.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/uuzuche/lib_zxing", "emphasize": 0, "details": "QR code library", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/uwetrottmann/androidutils", "emphasize": 0, "details": "helper code for Android app development.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/uwetrottmann/thetvdb", "emphasize": 0, "details": "TheTVDB API wrapper in Java.", "mwid": ""}
{"id": "/com/uwetrottmann/tmdb2", "emphasize": 0, "details": "Java wrapper around API v3.", "mwid": ""}
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