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A plugin for LeafletJS to smoothly move (slide) markers to a new location.

Tested with Leaflet 1.0.0-rc3. Do not expect this to work in Leaflet 0.7.x.

See the demo.


This plugin adds two new methods to all L.Markers, L.Circles and L.CircleMarkers:

  • .slideTo(latlng, slideOptions).
  • .slideCancel()

The slideTo method will start moving the marker (or circle) towards latlng, taking some time to do so, using a linear animation.

Two options are available:

  • duration is the number of milliseconds the slide animation will last.
  • keepAtCenter is a boolean, whether the map center will follow the marker for the duration of the animation. If set to true, the map's dragging handler will be disabled momentarily.
var marker = L.marker([10,10]);

marker.slideTo( [20, 20], {
    duration: 2000,
    keepAtCenter: true

The slideCancel method will stop the sliding animation (if applicable). Running setLatLng or dragging the marker will also stop the animation.

Installation through npm

npm install leaflet.marker.slideto

(Idem for yarn add)

Usage through unpkg

<script src='https://unpkg.com/leaflet.marker.slideto@0.2.0/Leaflet.Marker.SlideTo.js'></script>


"THE BEER-WARE LICENSE": ivan@sanchezortega.es wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.