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  • v0.1.2
    Release v0.1.2

    Version 0.1.2

    • You can now link items in chat with Ctrl + Click (#25)
    • Blacklisted a bunch of words for use in character names (#46)
    • The equipment panel now shows icons for slots in which you have nothing equipped (#56)
    • Added info on the help screen on how to cancel movement (#81)
    • The buy, sell and buyback UIs now render item grids (#88)
    • The red ability cooldown overlay now renders under the ability hotkey indicator (#73)
    • A player will no longer be assigned a quest that is too high level (#83)
    • The difference in level between the player and target is now taken into account when calculating xp (#96)
    • Fixed a server crash that sometimes occurred when talking to an NPC (#66)
    • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to reach exalted reputation with a faction (#69)
    • Fixed a UI bug where it was possible for a player to appear twice in your list of party members (#93)
    • It's no longer possible to salvage zero materials from an item (#63)
    • Fixed an issue where the quantity would be displayed incorrectly in the messages UI when looting quest items (#57)
    • Fixed an issue where Gaekatla items always spawned a critter (instead of x% of the times) (#54)
    • Fixed an issue where items would vanish when dropping them inside notice areas (#8)
    • Fireblast and Charge no longer ignores colliders (#10)
    • The messages UI can now properly be scrolled (#11)
    • Fixed a client issue that caused mob chat text to not vanish when the mob dies (#64)
    • Fixed an issue where stashing a stack of items would cause the quantity to be reduced to one (#74)
    • When augmenting an item, the UI will now show the correctly translated stat name (#76)
    • Switching gear will now properly update spell damage tooltips (#80)
    • It's no longer possible to increase how much of the world you can see by zooming the browser (#86)
    • When targeting a mob in an instanced area and another player enters, the targeted mob's HP will now update properly (#90)
    • Fixed an issue where casting Healing Circle on a collider would consume your mana but not cast the spell (#99)
    • Fixed a client error that occurred when dismissing a party invite (#108)
    • Dialogues can now trigger two new kinds of events: 'teleport' and 'getItem' which can send the player to another zone or give him an item (#101)
  • v0.1.3
    Release v0.1.3

    Version 0.1.3

    • Removed the first tutorial map and replaced it with a new area at the southern peninsula of the first island (#124)
    • Rewrote the renderer, improving FPS significantly (#123)
    • [shift + tab] now selects the previous target (#126)
    • Added a new component for followers (#40)
    • The player inventory is no longer automatically sorted (#130)
    • Added a new bag sprite for rare items (#144)
    • Redesigned the login screen (#158)
    • Passwords are now encrypted in the db (#47)
    • Invisible walls in the city (#127)
    • Mobs that are more than 10 levels higher or lower than the player give incorrect xp (#117)
    • Sometimes, initiating trade crashes the server (#118)
    • The Titangrip Prophecy sometimes causes players to have negative stats (#119)
    • The Invite Pending box renders over the buttons in the lower right (#116)
    • It's possible to Charge through obstacles in certain situations (#115)
    • When loading multiple mods of the same type (like class mods) causes only the last mod to be applied (#134)
    • Firefox renders some elements incorrectly (#133)
    • Non-roaming mobs never move back to their spawn points when pulled away through combat (#137)
    • Uppercase profanities are not profane (#151)
    • When logging in with a Gaekatla Faction Item in your inventory, the effect gets applied (#146)
    • Spears ignore Line of Sight (#135)
    • It's possible to purchase faction items even when your reputation isn't high enough (#147)
    • Inventory tooltips stay in compare mode when tabbing out while comparing two items (#148)
    • The Help Screen implies that you can equip items by clicking on them (#145)
    • Critters spawned by Gaekatla Faction Items never despawn (#40)
    • You can now define multiple spawn points per character level (#153)
  • v0.1.4
    Release v0.1.4

    Version 0.1.4

    • Added a new map: Crystal Cave (#169)
    • Particles are now only spawned and rendered if they're onscreen (#186)
    • New Item Stat: Crit Multiplier (#172)
    • New Item Stat: Level Requirement Reduction (#171)
    • New Class: Necromancer (#136)
    • New Visual Effect: Lightning (#182)
    • The sprites file is now generated dynamically (#174)
    • Changed the page title from 'dev' to 'Isleward' (#166)
    • Protected most server-side methods from being called from the client (#178)
    • Rewrote the item name generator (#179)
    • Multiple primary abilities when equipping a new weapon after rezone (#200)
    • When selecting enemies with the tab key, movement pauses if no target is found (#129)
    • When quitting to the character select screen, not all map tiles are cleared (#168)
    • Player objects don't save if they have an item in their inventory with a single quote in the name (#183)
    • The item context menu stays open after the inventory closes (#163)
    • The server crashes when your faction tier changes after unequipping an item (#128)
    • Zones with no players in them never destroy and deallocate destroyed objects (#184)
  • v0.1.5
    Release v0.1.5

    Version 0.1.5

    • New event: Fishing Tournament that takes place every two hours, for 10 minutes for testing. In the future this will be much less frequent. (#26)
    • New prophecy: Austere. You live a simple life; wearing only common and magic items. (#198)
    • Automated events. (#109)
    • Daily Login Rewards (#220)
    • Pressing enter in the chat box when no message has been entered now closes the chat box. (#196)
    • Destroying, salvaging or dropping items no longer causes items to be shifted in the inventory. (#175)
    • Make item linking work on Mac with the Cmd button (#227)
    • Update the tutorial text to give information on Necromancers (#225)
    • Update the help panel to give information on Necromancers (#202)


    • Added a nametag to the Crystal Caves entrance (#233)
    • In the Leaderboard UI, using the mine button causes filtering to cease working. (#208)
    • Fireblast particles don't vanish if they complete offscreen. (#207)
    • The server crashes if a hardcore + butcher player is killed by another player. (#204)
    • Items that have single quotes in their name get more quotes every time you relog (#237
    • The wiki link should point to the new wiki (#218)
  • v0.1.6
    Release v0.1.6

    Version 0.1.6

    • The fishing tournament now takes place on the hour, every 3 hours. (12PM, 3AM, 6AM, 9AM, etc...)
    • Angler's Marks can no longer be dropped, destroyed or salvaged. (#259)
    • The Flimsy Fishing Rod can no longer be salvaged. (#261)
    • Summoned Skeletons now have 65-85 percent of the summoner's life. Down from 80-120. (#264)
    • Summoned Skeletons now deal 800% threat. Down from 1000%. (#264)
    • Angler Nayla now belongs to the a new faction, the Anglers.
    • The Estuary now has a max depth of 12. Down from 14.
    • New item flags: noDestroy, noDrop and noSalvage (#259)
    • Change the Fullscreen/Windowed button to indicate what it does, not what state it's in. (#248)
    • Display the fish weight when you catch it. (#247)
    • Loot is linked in chat so it shows a tooltip when hovered. (#255)
    • The wiki link should point to the new wiki. (#242)
    • Deleting players is broken. (#254)
    • The Harvest Life spell does not use the healPercent attribute. (#262)
    • The Crazed Seagull no longer drops the Family Heirloom for new players. (#265)
    • It's possible to walk outside the map in the Estuary. (#267)
    • Some decorative items in the city have nameplates. (#245)
  • v0.1.7
    Release v0.1.7

    Version 0.1.7

    • New Seasonal Event: Soul's Moor (#222)
    • The rate at which mobs become stronger before level 10 has been readjusted to make it easier for new players (#293)
    • Blood Barrier can now be applied to other players (#201)
    • You can now mail items from your inventory (#283)
    • Custom Chat Channels (#142)
    • Added a news section tot he login screen (#276)
    • When selling items, items are now displayed in the same positions as in the inventory (#230)
    • Sometimes, charging crashes the server (#260)
    • Items will no longer shift up when dropping/destroying other items (#175)
    • Equipping an item now removes the position from the item (#67)
  • v0.1.8
    163318b1 · merged v0.1.8 ·
    Release v0.1.8

    Version 0.1.8

    • Added a new quest type that requires you to fish (#326)
    • Added a new quest type that requires you to loot an item of a specific quality (#329)
    • Added three new legendary items. One of which was designed by one of our patrons.
    • Added a north island to Fjolarok.
    • Removed the Fjolgard map and moved some of its NPCs to the north island.
    • Added a rare version of Stinktooth.
    • New Seasonal Event: Merrywinter (#319)
    • The 'Harvest Life' ability now deals 23.9% damage on average due to a higher min and max damage as well as a 6 tick cooldown (down from 7) (#342)
    • Items with the same name now share cooldowns (#375)
    • Added the wardrobe that allows players to change their skins (#321)
    • Cards can now drop from certain mobs. These can be traded for rewards.
    • Added two new item stats. Attack Speed and Cast Speed.
    • Hardcore deaths are now announced in chat (#61)
    • The equipment UI now gives an indication when you've looted new items for a slot (#58)
    • Weapon attacks now give the message 'Weapon is on cooldown' instead of 'Spell is on cooldown' (#77)
    • The leaderboard UI now highlights players that are online (#79)
    • Special characters are no longer allowed when naming characters (#271)
    • Fixed numerous typos in ability descriptions (#348)
    • Added the Austere to the filters in the player list (#353)
    • Changed the fishing Tournament description slightly (#357)
    • Added hotlinks to the latest release notes on the login screen (#372)
    • The reputation UI doesn't update correctly after your reputation tier changes (#34)
    • Equipping an item does not remove its 'new' status (#75)
    • When a player levels up in a party, other players still see his old level (#157)
    • When hovering over a mob, their HP is off by one (#289)
    • Herbs no longer spawn on other objects (#301)
    • Crystal Spikes runes with higher delays have lower rarities (#303)
    • Mailing multiple items cause only the last one to be received (#316)
    • The tab toggles on the messages UI don't work properly (#317)
    • The online list sometimes shows duplicates (#318)
    • Characters are blurry on the character select UI in Safari (#323)
    • Runes don't lose their position in the inventory when equipped (#328)
    • It's possible to join a channel with no name (#333)
    • Stashing a fish removes all other fish that are already stashed (#334)
    • Parties no longer enter the same dungeon (#336)
    • Certain characters can't logged in due to bugged custom channels (#343)
    • After mailing a stacked item, the quantity label isn't cleared (#344)
    • Typing /party crashes the server (#346)
    • The server crashes when an effect kills a player (#347)
    • Thaumaturge Yala's shop dialogue options do not work (#349)
    • It's possible to send un-sanitized messages by modifying client code (#351)
    • Summoned minions take damage from friendly AoE effects (#352)
    • More than one player can loot the same resource node if timed correctly (#354)
    • Targeting yourself sometimes displays the incorrect amount of mana (#364)
    • When opening another UI while the Main Menu is open, the overlay doesn't vanish (#366)
    • The Titangrip prophecy doubles the stats on all item slots, not just weapons (#384)
    • You can close doors on yourself (#385)
    • The Fishing Progress Indicator doesn't vanish when someone else depletes the school you're fishing from (#389)
    • When a player logs on, all other players' UIs indicate that they are in the same custom channels as the new player (#396)
    • After opening the sell UI while having a faction item in your inventory, the server crashes upon relog (#400)
  • v0.1.9
    Release v0.1.9

    Version 0.1.9

    • New Rune: Innervation (#410)
    • New Rune: Tranquility (#410)
    • New Rune: Swiftness (#410)
    • New Totem: Brawler's Totem (#419)'
    • New Stat: Item Quantity (#423)
    • You can now split stacks in your inventory by right clicking on the item (#397)
    • New Equipment Slot: Finger 2 (#410)
    • New Equipment Slot: Offhand (#410)
    • Added a third rune slot (#410)
    • Steelclaw now has a unique sprite
    • Sometimes, high level mobs drop level 1 items (#37)
    • Tiles stay selected when hovering over the UI (#72)
    • Blood Barrier can't be applied to other players (#201)
    • Equipping a fishing rod while on a fishing patch requires you to move out and in first (#214)
    • Sometimes, smokebomb crashes the server (#217)
    • Players receive quest items from party members' quests (#266)
    • Sometimes, handing in digested crystals rewards NaN rep (#295)
    • Fixed a server crash that was possible through malformed client requests (#339)
    • The [Lure of the Sea] quest changes randomly when rezoning (#378)
    • It's possible to wipe all stats off an item (#404)
    • Multi-catch doesn't give multiple points to Lure of the Sea quests (#405)
    • It's possible to raise an item's level through augmenting (#408)
    • Characters don't rejoin events when logging out and in (#409)
    • Some single items display quantity 1 after 'new' status is removed (#414)
    • Rerolling the slot of an item that has a custom spritesheet doesn't reset the spritesheet (#416)
    • Learning a rune from the inventory UI always replaces your first rune (#426)
    • Replacing one equipped weapon with another places the old one in the next available inventory slot (#427)
    • It's possible to learn rare, epic and legendary runes when you have the Austere prophecy (#428)
  • v0.1.10
    Release v0.1.10

    Version 0.1.10

    • Extended the Sewer slightly (#421)
    • Vikar now sells basic versions of most runes (#526)
    • Players are now down-scaled if their level is too high for a zone (#380)
    • The client now remembers your showNameplates preference (#450)
    • Experience and loot now diminish if you farm the same area for too long (#97)
    • The set of possible stats per item should be influenced by the item's level (#107)
    • Party members no longer get drops from kills they didn't participate in (#496)
    • Physical resistance is no longer a stat that can show up on gear (#497)
    • Armor no longer mitigates elemental damage (#498)
    • Rebalanced everything (#499)
    • Characters now gain main stat upon level up (#500)
    • Kiting a mob too far away now causes it to run back (#501)
    • Changed all weapon abilities into rune abilities and added generic abilities to weapons (#505)
    • Changed augment costs, removed the ability to scour from the augmenting UI and added a scour idol (#523)
    • Mobs that are closer to your level now have a higher chance to drop idols (#524)
    • Runes awarded by Runecrafter's Toil cards can now be higher level (#530)
    • It's no longer possible to attack the Akarei as they have enough problems of their own
    • Disabled friendly tab targeting (#197)
    • Totems are now called idols (#503)
    • Classes are now called Spirits. Also removed the Cleric and Necromancer classes, but not their runes. (#532)
    • Players no longer have different chat message colors based on their level (#534)
    • Sometimes, login/fishing rewards are received more than once (#243)
    • Summoned skeletons now deal the correct amount of damage as implied by the rune (#263)
    • Sometimes, the events module causes a stack overflow (#507)
    • The Other Heirloom item always has 500 armor on it (#517)
    • Other players aren't aware that your maxHp changes upon level up (#519)
    • Certain idols cause the stash to not save when deposited (#528)
    • There's a typo in the Smoldering Idol's description (#550)
    • When changing to/from fullscreen, there's a slight delay (#560)
    • The server's CPU usage spikes when multiple people are in the sewer (#563)
  • v0.1.11
    3e41c8be · removed test code ·
    Release v0.1.11

    Version 0.1.11

    • Added a 'Report Bug' button to the options menu (#324)
    • New moderator commands: Mute and Unmute player (#478)
    • Players that are not max level now lose XP upon death (#520)
    • Mobs and objects can now spawn at specific times using CRON strings in the zone file (#646)
    • Added functionality to allow for loot-once-per-day mobs (#647)
    • Mobs and objects can now be destroyed after a certain period by defining a lifetime in the zone file (#655)
    • Rare and Boss mobs now grant much more experience (#338)
    • You can now only collect the daily login reward once per account (#356)
    • It should no longer be possible to receive a quest to kill multiple Crazed Seagulls (#511)
    • Changed the quest complete conditions for certain quests (#522)
    • Steelclaw's Bite now deals poison damage to the wielder which can be mitigated (#604)
    • Reworked the Akarei faction effect (#605)
    • Quests now grant considerably more XP (#607)
    • It is now possible to right-click on the login screen (#307)
    • Zone names are now displayed on the quest panel (#422)
    • Made it more obvious how to change the size of a split stack (#434)
    • You can now enter a number when splitting a stack (#435)
    • Buffs and debuffs no longer render over party members (#436)
    • The mob tooltip no longer renders over the party invitation window (#436)
    • Item tooltips now distinguish between base and augmented stats (#464)
    • It is now possible to send the < and > characters in chat messages (#548)
    • Rusted Keys are now stackable (#552)
    • Optimized the server-side code that handles sending the leaderboard to players (#566)
    • Recolored the Magic and Rare Essences (#613)
    • When comparing weapons, damage is now also taken into account (#614)
    • It's possible to attack enemies through doors (#287)
    • The online list sometimes shows characters that aren't online (#318)
    • When you have multiple Innervation Auras and remove one, your HP Regen becomes negative (#437)
    • The gear compare feature doesn't work correctly when comparing combinations of One-Handed, Two-Handed and Off-Hand items (#512)
    • When a mob is killed by another mob, it drops loot (#567)
    • There are missing files that are needed to run the server (#596)
    • The onBeforeGetClasses event was never updated to use Spirits (#609)
    • Steelclaw's Bite deals overkill damage to the wielder (#600)
    • Rare mobs in the Estuary have less HP, deal less damage and drop fewer items than regular mobs (#625)
    • Sometimes the Sheets module crashes (#626)
    • The player level in the HUD isn't always updated after leveling up (#636)


    • New event: onBeforeSendMessage (#475)
    • New event: onBeforeGetComponents (#569)
    • The default zone is now configurable (#638)
  • v0.2.0
    Release v0.2.0

    Version 0.2.0

    • Automatic spam protection for chat (#367)
    • Diminishing returns on stuns, freezes and slows (#429)
    • Certain items now roll with implicit stats (#493)
    • New Stats: Attack Crit Chance, Attack Crit Multiplier, Spell Crit Chance and Spell Crit Multiplier to gear
    • Added a passive skill tree (#535)
    • Attributes now give small benefits. Strength gives Armor, Dex gives Dodge and Int gives Mana (#557)
    • Items now roll with attribute requirements (#558)
    • New Stat: Dodge Chance (#667)
  • v0.2.1
    b07bf082 · resolved conflict ·
    Release v0.2.1


    • Added a maximum length to messages sent through chat (#696)
    • Alchemy crafting profession (#761)
    • Cooking crafting profession (#761)
    • You can now pick consumable items that should be placed in a quickslot (#761)
    • Removed instancing (#781)
    • The estuary is now slightly bigger, contains slightly more branching paths and mobs now respawn over time(#781)


    • Added a link between the two Lynx starting nodes (#720)
    • Smite now deals holy damage instead of physical damage (#732)
    • Reslotting an item now changes the item's implicit stats (#735)
    • It's no longer possible to relevel fishing rods (#748)
    • Removed downscaling (#760)
    • Reduced the maximum attribute requirement that can roll on items (#776)
    • Snails in the cave now deal much less damage with poison clouds (#777)
    • Revamped login rewards slightly (#779)
    • Vendors now regenerate their for sale lists over time (#789)


    • The movement queue is now restricted to a maximum of 50 steps (#721)
    • The global leaderboard now uses much less processing power on the server (#785)


    • It's possible to join a channel with no name (#333)
    • The portal at the end of the caves returns you to the wrong location (#616)
    • Sometimes, quests to loot specific slot items don't complete (#702)
    • Rezoning sometimes causes stats to drop (#703)
    • Crit Chance lowers DPT (#707)
    • Logging out while dead causes the client to freeze (#711)
    • You can drop items while dead (#712)
    • Passive points don't affect tooltip DPT of runes after logging in (#714)
    • The 'mine' button on the leaderboard doesn't work properly (#719)
    • The 'getItem' admin command can't be used to get a rune with spaces in the name (#726)
    • On death, the camera spawns to your respawn location (#729)
    • Levelling up causes auras to reserve no mana (#731)
    • The help screen provides incorrect information on how to initiate auto-attack (#737)
    • It's possible to use the 'getGold' command to cause an integer overflow (#751)
    • Sound effects continue playing if you exit to the character select screen (#752)
    • Gathering herbs and fishing rewards 0xp (#783)
    • Upon login, equipped items are sometimes removed due to attribute requirements (#786)
  • v0.3.0
    Release v0.3.0


    • Added a loading screen and reduced the size of the initial download (#111)
    • You can now inspect other players by right-clicking their sprites (#149)
    • Runes can now have cast times. Rebalanced lots of spells slightly to cater for this (#483)
    • Added a new room template to the Estuary (#555)
    • Added an in-game clock that shows the server time (#653)
    • New chat command: /roll (#690)


    • Rewrote the threat formula. Threat now has a ceiling and deteriorates over time (#489)
    • Rebalanced all weapons (#597)
    • Flurry now only applies to basic attacks and spells (#603)
    • Added a buyback menu option to Vikar (#715)
    • Potions now have cooldowns (#795)
    • Cast and attack speed can no longer cause runes to not incur cooldowns. Instead they cause spells and attacks to cast faster (#859)
    • Being slowed no longer causes spells and attacks to fail. Instead they cause spells and attacks to cast slower (#859)
    • Items below level 6 no longer have attribute requirements (#860)


    • Polished Estuary templates slightly (#555)
    • Restyled the Stash (#624)
    • Pressing 'esc' causes the movement queue to be cleared when you use it to close a UI (#628)
    • Gather quests sometimes reward 0xp (#698)
    • Players and mobs can't deal damage while slowed even when the spell actually triggers (#700)
    • Loot 1x quests are not always completing when they should (#702)
    • Custom channel names now have a maximum length (#713)
    • The quickslot UI now shows a tooltip when hovering over the item (#798)
    • You can now right-click items in your inventory to quickslot them (#800)


    • Player loot is unallocated when relogging (#2)
    • You can unequip an item while having a full inventory (#68)
    • The crafting menu retains the last crafted item after closing (#728)
    • Rusted Keys are not acquired if your inventory is full (#750)
    • It's possible for a party member to give you multiple copies of the same aura (#756)
    • When purchasing an item with a full inventory, you lose your gold and don't get the item (#799)
    • The 'invite to party' UI renders over the lower-right menu (#803)
    • You can see chatter messages under fog areas (#813)
    • Custom channels are not persisted upon relog (#820)
    • It's possible to split a stack of items while having a full inventory (#855)
    • The available amount of materials doesn't update after crafting (#857)


    • The server now minifies and compresses files sent to the client (#839 and #840)
    • Server security fixes (#868)
  • v0.3.1
    6ed40ce1 · fixes #1082 ·
    Release v0.3.1


    • Isleward is now playable on mobile devices. Only Chrome on Android is supported fully at the moment. For info on how to enable this, please check this wiki entry (#871)
    • It's now possible to block players in chat by typing /block playerName. Use /unblock playerName to unblock them again (#899)
    • Added a button to auto-sort your inventory (#966)


    • Attacking and taking damage will now cause gathering and fishing to be canceled (#210)
    • Threat now cascades. When you attack an aggressive mob, all other aggressive mobs within 5 tiles of that mob will also engage you (#954)


    • Added an indicator to the ability bar that indicates whether auto attack is active (#55)
    • Crit Chance and Crit Multiplier is now much easier to understand in tooltips (#845)


    • Newly created characters will no longer spawn in the location you logged out in with another character (#164)
    • Runes incorrectly listed their cooldowns in seconds instead of ticks (#745)
    • When reslotting an item, the UI will now properly maintain focus on reslot if the item has been augmented (#846)
    • Leveling up when you have passive nodes that grant vitality will no longer cause your max HP to drop (#849)
    • Clicking another player's item while inspecting shows an option to pick another item to equip (#878)
    • Runes now display properly when inspecting another player (#908)
    • Bags that contain crafting materials sometimes incorrectly seem to contain legendary items (#923)
    • You can now change tabs when inspecting another player (#933)
    • Passive tree tooltips no longer remain on screen after closing (#934)
    • Increased Physical Damage bonuses from the passive tree is now included in rune tooltip DPT (#946)
    • Players on Windows XP and Vista can now play Isleward again (#1021)
    • Faction vendors no longer display their wares' implicit stats in tooltips (#1058)
    • Fixed an issue where skins sold by faction vendors didn't indicate if they needed a specific faction reputation to buy (#1059)


    • Mods can now add maps to be preloaded on server start (#466)
    • Added a way to indicate to mods that they should only run on the main thread or a zone thread (#474)
  • v0.3.2
    Release v0.3.2


    • Before the server restarts, a warning message is displayed and all characters are automatically saved
    • Moved the game's server from London to New Jersey
    • Migrated from SQLite to RethinkDB


    • Heightened the threat ceiling (#995)
    • M'ogresh can no longer spawn as rare (#1060)
    • Different spirits now receive different amounts of HP upon level up (#1098)
    • Different spirits now start with different amounts of HP at level one (#1099)
    • Princess Morgawsa's trident now rolls with an attribute requirement (#1134)


    • Added previous and next buttons for skin selection during character creation (#594)
    • Party chat now appears as a different colour (#623)
    • Added custom error pages for display when Isleward is offline (#668)
    • Chat no longer auto-scrolls while open and scrolled up (#697)
    • You can now view fishing stats from the character UI (#824)
    • Messages relating to the fishing event now display in all zones (#853)
    • Nameplates are now on by default until toggled (#1042)
    • Casting Smokebomb or Fireblast on mobile will no longer prompt the player for a target location (#1072)
    • Quest descriptions will now only display for quests in your current zone (#1077)
    • Removed the popup message after looting items on desktop (#1084)
    • Quality now displays as a percentage on the character UI (#1105)
    • The description for Bone Idols now indicate that they reroll damage instead of rescale (#1106)
    • Added a button to close the mail UI (#1137)
    • Close UI buttons now have 'on hover' styles (#1154)


    • View is sometimes off-centre after zooming (#337)
    • Non-aggressive mobs are tagged as aggressive in their tooltips (#672)
    • Fishing nodes aren't active if teleported onto (#727)
    • Smite deals physical damage instead of holy (#732)
    • The damage on Steelclaw's Bite sometimes displays wrong until equipped (#753)
    • Pressing tab while typing a message in chat gives the browser's address bar focus (#757)
    • Quickslotted items don't work after rezoning (#965)
    • Implicit stat rolls are max value exclusive (#975)
    • Linked item names can trigger the profanity filter (#1112)
    • You can stand on the Shared Stash in the Hermit's bedroom (#1127)
    • The character creation UI doesn't work after dying with a hardcore character (#1130)
    • Comparing items with no implicit stats doesn't work (#1135)
    • Materials with custom spritesheets render incorrectly in the quickslot UI (#1140)
    • Crafted items with no description show 'undefined' in their tooltips (#1141)
  • v0.3.2.1
  • v0.3.2.2   Another rethinkdb serialization issue fixed
  • v0.3.2.3
    Release v0.3.2.3

    Another rethinkdb serialization fix

  • v0.3.2.4   Another rethinkdb serialization fix
  • v0.3.2.5   Fixed offcenter cursor when zooming and updated the version number on the login page