Version 0.1.9

  • New Rune: Innervation (#410)
  • New Rune: Tranquility (#410)
  • New Rune: Swiftness (#410)
  • New Totem: Brawler's Totem (#419)'
  • New Stat: Item Quantity (#423)
  • You can now split stacks in your inventory by right clicking on the item (#397)
  • New Equipment Slot: Finger 2 (#410)
  • New Equipment Slot: Offhand (#410)
  • Added a third rune slot (#410)
  • Steelclaw now has a unique sprite
  • Sometimes, high level mobs drop level 1 items (#37)
  • Tiles stay selected when hovering over the UI (#72)
  • Blood Barrier can't be applied to other players (#201)
  • Equipping a fishing rod while on a fishing patch requires you to move out and in first (#214)
  • Sometimes, smokebomb crashes the server (#217)
  • Players receive quest items from party members' quests (#266)
  • Sometimes, handing in digested crystals rewards NaN rep (#295)
  • Fixed a server crash that was possible through malformed client requests (#339)
  • The [Lure of the Sea] quest changes randomly when rezoning (#378)
  • It's possible to wipe all stats off an item (#404)
  • Multi-catch doesn't give multiple points to Lure of the Sea quests (#405)
  • It's possible to raise an item's level through augmenting (#408)
  • Characters don't rejoin events when logging out and in (#409)
  • Some single items display quantity 1 after 'new' status is removed (#414)
  • Rerolling the slot of an item that has a custom spritesheet doesn't reset the spritesheet (#416)
  • Learning a rune from the inventory UI always replaces your first rune (#426)
  • Replacing one equipped weapon with another places the old one in the next available inventory slot (#427)
  • It's possible to learn rare, epic and legendary runes when you have the Austere prophecy (#428)