1. 22 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      Basic NES file header creation. PRG/CHR-ROM sizes are filled in based · 577277cd
      Paul Molloy authored
      on provided prg/chr rom input args for dumping.  Mirroring is sensed &
      entered for fixed mirror mappers.  So this is basic iNES file format.
      Still don't have automatic banktable locating, nor mapper detection.
      But this provides a basic header that should work with most currently
      supported NES mappers.  If the headers need tweaked, I recommend opening
      in Mesen and using it's header modifcation tool.
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      Big release commit for firmware v2.3.0 · 54e3e6bf
      Paul Molloy authored
      Put bunch of notes in Readme.txt on how to update device firmware to
      v2.3 using dfusedemo.  Anyone with a device currently in their hands
      will want to update to this latest version using the dfusedemo
      instructions there.  Or the AVR instructions if you have an old kazzo.
      For devices shipping after Dec 1st 2018 I will be flashing this latest
      v2.3 firmware which has it's own firmware updater so the INLretro host
      software can easily and seamlessly update the firmware for you without
      any external software, switch or jumper operation on the PCB.
      This update also includes some power functions in the bootloader
      dictionary.  Can now make direct read/write access to the entire ARM
      memory space.  Maybe I'll add this to the AVR someday..?
      Having this previously would have actually allowed me to bootstrap
      a switchless bootloader without dfuse..  ahh well...
      Also turned the watchdog timer on for the STM32 build finally.
      Requires refreshing every ~1sec, currently only done in the main.
      Added application versioning to address 0x08000800 in the binary.
      Couldn't get the linker script to do this for me for some reason.
      So for now I just manually put it in the binary file.
      The fwupdate.lua script has a lot more checks now.  Uses the new
      bootloader dict functions to dump device firmware and make sure
      all looks good before it starts erasing firmware.
      Haven't done much testing with the current AVR build.  Got a report
      there was a problem with UNROM flashing, will have to check that out.
      Done with the firmware for awhile now hopefully.  Need to clean up some
      things with the main program & inlretro.lua script.  Start making better
      use of some recent contributions by several gracious people.
      Maybe I'll get going on gameboy, GBA, & sega soon..  Got a ton of
      NESmaker devices to push out the door now with this latest build.  So
      might be slow for a bit..
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  5. 19 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      little bit of clean up commit. Updating readme for little more · b7364b96
      Paul Molloy authored
      direction for stm32 ARM cortex-M0 building.  Also adding more explicit
      error message if VID/PID of device found, but unable to open due to
      drivers not being installed.
      Got quite a bit done since last commit, and never committed all the
      changes.  Most should be fine but need to review a little more before
      I'm ready to commit those.  Mostly was in a rush to get SF2 working and
      then took a break before cleaning up and committing progress.
      Once old SF2/SNES STM8 updates committed, need to move on to supporting
      NES mappers.  Also in a bit of a rush to verify new STM8S001 can be
      programmed via CIC CLK on inl6 devices.  Also need to get JTAG up and
      running to make progress on SNES v2 board design.
      Figured out problem with STM32F070 bootloader, basically broken for
      16Mhz crystals because ST doesn't do adequate testing on their
      bootloader code to verify datasheet and AN specs of allows xtal
      frequencies.  4, 8, 12, & 24Mhz tested and working, also STM32F072
      works.  Have dumped bootloader and started analysis.  STmicro isn't
      offering any help to fix issue, bunch of jackasses!  Oh well, plan is to
      establish my own bootloader means which has benefit of allowing me to
      define however I'd like.  Planning on LED pin held high triggering
      bootloader which would require smallest erase/write protected sector to
      be devoted to my bootloader similar to how things were done for AVR.
      After detecting bootloader, initialize HSE and jump to ST's bootloader
      code so don't have to write my own USB drivers for the bootloader alone.
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