Commit ecfeac40 authored by Cristy's avatar Cristy


parent 6120f8bc
2019-04-07 7.0.8-39 Cristy <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
* Release ImageMagick version 7.0.8-39, GIT revision 15489:6120f8bc1:20190406
2019-04-06 7.0.8-39 Cristy <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
* The -layers option compared pixels inocorrectly as opacity rather than
* The -preview raise option now returns expected results.
* Initialise ghostscript instances with NULL (reference
2019-04-06 7.0.8-38 Cristy <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
* Release ImageMagick version 7.0.8-38, GIT revision 15483:23edcef04:20190406
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