Commit 225638a0 authored by Cristy's avatar Cristy


parent 5d8ed9f5
2019-02-28 7.0.8-29 Cristy <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
* Release ImageMagick version 7.0.8-29, GIT revision 15368:5d8ed9f56:20190228
2019-02-28 7.0.8-29 Cristy <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
* Fixed a number of issues (reference
* Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
2019-02-18 7.0.8-28 Cristy <quetzlzacatenango@image...>
* Release ImageMagick version 7.0.8-28, GIT revision 15345:09a7c67dd:20190218
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