Commit 974975a9 authored by Peter Waher's avatar Peter Waher


parent 5e697f4a
......@@ -77,8 +77,8 @@ Following is an example of a device publishing its P2P and E2E infomation at the
<p2p extIp='' extPort='49790' locIp='' locPort='49790'/>
<p2p extIp='' extPort='49790' locIp='' locPort='49790' xmlns='urn:ieee:iot:p2p:1.0'/>
<e2e xmlns='urn:ieee:iot:e2e:1.0'>
<rsaAes size='4096' mod='vyhg+bU+QqExe7QRpKWXiRG/LkOU6D/...' exp='AQAB'/>
<c xmlns='' hash='sha-256' node='...' ver='...'/>
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