Commit 6a9064ed authored by Peter Waher's avatar Peter Waher

Fix example

parent c681e0c0
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ A simple clock synchronization request can look as follows:
The source responds:
<iq id='3' type='result' to='client@server1/resource' from='source@server2/resource'>
<resp xmlns='urn:ieee:iot:synchronization:1.0' hf='79528' freq='2630640'>2018-07-02T09:47:38.5102314Z</resp>
<resp xmlns='urn:ieee:iot:synchronization:1.0' hf='29774635776511' freq='2630640'>2018-07-02T09:47:38.5102314Z</resp>
**Note**: The `xs:dateTime` data type allows for arbitrary resoulution of the seconds part. In this example, a resolution of 100 ns has been used,
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