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Describing sensor data.

parent f2ee9e76
Node o-- Timestamp
Timestamp o-- Field
Timestamp o-- Error
Field <|-- PhysicalQuantity
Field <|-- String
Field <|-- Boolean
Field <|-- Date
Field <|-- DateTime
Field <|-- Duration
Field <|-- Enumeration
Field <|-- Int32
Field <|-- Int64
Field <|-- Time
......@@ -3,11 +3,19 @@ IEEE XMPP IoT Interfaces Working Group
This repository contains IEEE XMPP interfaces for the Internet of Things. These interfaces are worked on by the [IEEE XMPPI - XMPP Interface Working Group](, outside of the scope of the [XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF)](
* [Sensor Data](
Communication Patterns
* [Request/Response](
[Sensor Data](SensorData.xsd)
Request/Response communication pattern
Sensor Data
The XML representation of Sensor Data used by the IEEE XMPP IoT interfaces are defined as follows:
| Sensor Data ||
| ------------|----------------------------------|
| Namespace: | urn:ieee:iot:sensordata |
| Schema: | [SensorData.xsd](SensorData.xsd) |
IEEE namespace
shorted names
Separation XML representation / communication pattern
Annotated schema
no historical periods
customization of fields
id instead of sequence number
nodes optional
Simplified localization
Easier to respond for small/quick devices
Errors reported in response, with fields, not in separate stanza.
more instead of done
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