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......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ Individual fields can also be annotated with Quality of Service information, usi
Some of the Quality of Service levels are mutually exclusive, others can be combined. Some introduce a natural order of "quality", that can be used to
decide if a reported value is has a higher quality, and thus can overwrite an existing value of lesser quality:
ms < ms+s0 < pr < pr+so < ae < ae+so < me < me+so < mr < mr+so < ar < ar+so < so < iv < iv+so < ic < ic+so
`ms` < `ms+so` < `pr` < `pr+so` < `ae` < `ae+so` < `me` < `me+so` < `mr` < `mr+so` < `ar` < `ar+so` < `so` < `iv` < `iv+so` < `ic` < `ic+so`
The significance of the `so` attribute is to tell the system the value has been signed by an authorized human operator, and can thus be used to override
existing values.
......@@ -178,6 +178,11 @@ In the following examples, assume `lns="NS"`:
| 1 | Avg(%0%) |
**Note**: Providing localized strings, ordered by namespace and language, would be the only components required to be updated in software supporting
the architecture described in this document. But such strings constitude data, and not code, so no actual software updates are required. Furthermore,
interfaces will still work without the actual localized versions of the strings, if human readable strings are chosen as default field names when
reporting fields. Preferrable, all field names are chosen in a globally understood language, such as English.
Control parameters
......@@ -170,6 +170,13 @@ list of noteable differences:
* Request identities are now strings, instead of sequence numbers.
Determining Support
Devices supporting the protocol described in this document should advertise this fact, by including the `urn:ieee:iot:sd` feature in responses to
[Service Discover]( requests.
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