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title: Using i3lock as a Systemd service
- i3
- i3lock
- Systemd
- Suspend
It took me a few tries before figuring this one out. But I eventually found the solution in an old thread on the Arch Linux forums [[Link](].
I created the file `i3lock.service` with the following content:
Description=Lock screen before suspend
I then copied the file to the folder `/etc/systemd/system/` and enabled it with the command:
# systemctl enable i3lock.service
And my `` looks like this:
scrot $img
# Pixelate image
convert $img -scale 10% -scale 1000% $img
# Blur image
#convert $img -blur 0x4 500% $img
convert $img $icon -gravity center -composite $img
i3lock -u -i $img
It will not lock my screen before it goes to sleep, so it's locked when it wakes up again.
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