Commit b7d0fc39 authored by HiPhish's avatar HiPhish

Add declarations and some style improvements

parent e1ddb7a9
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@
| T"
(let ((stringvar (gensym)))
`(let ((,stringvar ,string))
(declare (type string ,stringvar))
,@(loop :for (case . body) in clauses
......@@ -80,16 +81,16 @@
;;; ---[ NEOVIM COMMANDS ]-----------------------------------------------------
(defun quickload (systems)
(declare (type list systems))
"Quick-loads systems from the list SYSTEMS."
(dolist (system systems)
(declare (type string system))
(defun quickload (system-names)
(declare (type list system-names))
"Quick-loads systems from the list SYSTEM-NAMES."
(dolist (system-name system-names)
(declare (type string system-name))
(format nil "~A~&"
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(with-output-to-string (*error-output*)
(ql:quickload system)))))))
(ql:quickload system-name)))))))
(defun system-apropos (pattern)
(declare (type string pattern))
......@@ -102,14 +103,14 @@
(mapcar (lambda (system) (format nil "~A" system))
(defun who-depends-on (system)
(defun who-depends-on (system-name)
"Display a message in Neovim listing all packages dependent on SYSTEM"
(declare (type string system))
(let ((systems (ql:who-depends-on system)))
(declare (type string system-name))
(let ((systems (ql:who-depends-on system-name)))
(format nil
"The following packages depend on '~A':~%~{ ~A~%~}~&"
"The following systems depend on '~A':~%~{ ~A~%~}~&"
(defun update-dist (distro)
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