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# Block Header Format
### Version 1 header
Since this is the first app to be built on top of #D we get to claim the Version 1 block format
Bytes | Name| Value | Description
4|Version| 0x00000001| We're number one!
34|Previous Block Header Hash|0x56XXXXXXX...| We are using the double sha-256 algorithm used in Bitcoin as this is the most accurate "truth sensor" available as it is most widely deployed and very easy to calculate the cost of a hash. We prefix it with 0x56 according to [IPFS's multihash](
72|Id Signature | char[72]| We will be using ECDSA, it has larger base of supported software and libraries to make it easier to put this alpha web client together, . If someone wants to implement Schnorr signatures I'm okay with that as well.
34|Merkle Root of Current Block| 0x0562XXXXXXXX....| This is a multihash formated IPFS hash which is compatible with CIDv0 and forward compatible with CIDv1
8|time|uint64| This will be the closest approximate time the device has locally, this should be as close as possible to the time when it is hashed. If it is too far in the future or past other clients should reject it.
4|nounce| uint32| Nounce used for proof of work, if 0s proof of work cost wouldn't be calculated.
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