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Rock Band 3 - SD Card Problems

Plenty of people on GBAtemp and Discord have been suffering SD card issues of some kind. This is a special Snippet where those kinds of things are covered. Several solutions have been copied into different issues on purpose, to make it where one does not have to skip back and forth in the snippet to find a complete answer. Thus, you'll find that the same answers solve multiple issues when done right.

If exporting multiple songs when these problems happen, make sure to remove them all, clear cache, and add them back one by one to see which ones give you problems. It is not necessary to remove working songs unless you plan on improving them further or changing the songs in the slots.

Diagnosing Customs on the Original Wii or Wii Family Edition

  • Errors can sometimes be caused by an old System Menu version. For best results, use the latest version (4.3).
  • The Wii can take SD cards up to 32 GB (SDHC) if on System Menu version 4.0 or later, else it will only be able to use 2 GB maximum.
  • You can force the power off if the Wii freezes by holding the POWER button on the console for 3 seconds.

Diagnosing Customs on the Wii Mini

The Wii Mini has no SD card slot, so customs will be difficult to come by. Once possible, they can either be saved to the NAND or via USB (in an emuNAND or spoofing an SD card).

Diagnosing Customs on Wii Mode on the Wii U (vWii)

  • Several issues with freezing and bricking vWii can be fixed via Wii U homebrew. Find out what works best for you.
  • vWii in a frozen state can only be undone by unplugging the Wii U. Please make sure that the vWii NAND, saves, etc. are regularly backed up!
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