Authored by Harvey Houston 💤

Rock Band 3 Customs Known Issues

These issues may arise when adding custom songs to Rock Band 3. This issues Snippet has been edited to be more precise on the most common problems. If you have a problem not listed here, please post an issue in the Issues section.

If exporting multiple songs when these problems happen, make sure to remove them all, clear cache, and add them back one by one to see which ones give you problems. It is not necessary to remove working songs unless you plan on improving them further or changing the songs in the slots.

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  • As some issues haven't been recreated, some may not have workarounds or fixes yet.

  • The Issues Snippet has been updated. These are issues I commonly run across when building customs. If you have one of these problems, this Snippet will help you immensely!

  • Eventually, there will be two separate snippets, in which this Known Issues Snippet will be more minimized. One already exists for BINs on the SD card, but there will also be a separate one for APPs in the NAND/emuNAND.

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