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  • kyanite_v0.1.3
    Release kyanite_v0.1.3
    ### New Features
    * Link previews for posts that have resolvable URLs with OpenGraph data
    * Saved items screen to show that data, mostly external links 
    * New statistics panel
      * Select between posts, comments, photos, and videos 
      * Display graph of posts by day of week, month of year, or year
      * Display heat map for a selected year of posts per day
      * Display list of the top 10, 20, 50, or 100 posts (user selectable)
      * Support same filtering as post, comment, photo, and video panels
    ### Bug Fixes
    * Filter panel
      * Text field with start/stop dates read only to reflect not being editable
    ### Changes
    * Navigation bar is scrollable for smaller window sizes
    * Allow direct editing of dates in the calendar control
    * Scrollbars are disabled on posts, comments, etc. 
    * Scrolling performance improved by deferring loading of quickly passed rows
  • kyanite_v0.1.2
    Release kyanite_v0.1.2
    * Bug Fixes/Tweaks
      * Fixes memory leak with images and posts
      * Fixes error where default video player was set to empty string on initial startup
      * Fix capitalization inconsistencies on buttons
      * Change log file textbox on settings panel to be single line and overflow with ellipses 
    * Features
      * Make Photo Details an image carousel on posts/albums with multiple images
      * Let users navigate photo details carousel with arrow keys and go back to former screen with escape-key
      * Added a "copy" button on posts, comments, conversations that copies all the textual data to the clipboard
      * Adds a map view for posts/photos that have latitude/longitude data![Kyanitev0.1.2_geospatial](/uploads
  • kyanite_v0.1.1
    Release kyanite_v0.1.1
    Same features etc. as v.0.1.0 but with support for the new Facebook Archive format vs the one from a year ago.
  • kyanite_v0.1.0
    Release kyanite_v0.1.0
    First release of Kyanite beta (v0.1.0) and full retirement of the old C#/Avalonia code base
  • v1.0.0-alpha-2
    Release v1.0.0-alpha-2
    * A people browser showing all known people in the system
    * Ability to properly load/save people to application's DB
    * Ability to import people from a People JSON file of same schema
    * Concept of lists, specifically Favorite right now, that the people list can be toggled down to
    * Ability to free-text search and sort the people list
    * Ability to toggle the timeline from a "Home" (every post in the system) to a specific person's timeline
  • v1.0.0-alpha-1
    Release v1.0.0-alpha-1
    Initial release with any real capabilities
    -Timeline view
    -Posts view has author picture, author name, title, text, and a link preview
    -Populates timeline from imported JSON Post archives or user's home twitter feed 
    -Can ask for more newer posts or older tweets to fill in more timeline