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This repository contains a nightly mirror of the [benchmarksgame][bmg-cvs] repository.
This repository contains my changes to the [benchmarksgame][bmg-cvs] repository to include Kotlin tests.
# Why ?
All other git-mirrors I found were out-of-date, and personally I feel bad seeing that something as common as the [The Computer Language Benchmarks Game][bmg-website] is using technology that makes contributions harder than they have to be.
Even though I don't think this repository will help easing contributions, at least it helps to get a good look at the latest code.
# How ?
You can run the update yourself, affecting only your local clone, using
It is a fork of [Sebastian Thiel's mirror][byron-cvs] of the CVS repository
`make update`
Please note that `docker` is required for this to work.
# About Branches
* **origin**
- `origin` without the `website/` directory.
* **master**
- Always contains the latest `origin`, as well as files added by me to help the update process.
# Why ?
# Problems/Repository out of date ?
I want to test the performance of Kotlin versus Java, and potentially other languages.
If this repository appears to be out-of-date, please let me know using a [github-issue][issues], and
I will update it.
You should easily be able to send PRs for the `origin` and `master` branch in case you want to run
`make update` yourself.
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