Verified Commit 5def8741 authored by Mehdi Baaboura's avatar Mehdi Baaboura
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Fixed migration crashing

parent 178c8abb
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ final class Version20200815164313 extends AbstractMigration {
public function up(Schema $schema): void {
// this up() migration is auto-generated, please modify it to your needs
$this->addSql("SET SESSION sql_mode = 'TRADITIONAL'");
$this->addSql('ALTER TABLE block DROP FOREIGN KEY FK_831B9722158E0B66');
$this->addSql('ALTER TABLE block DROP FOREIGN KEY FK_831B9722A76ED395');
$this->addSql('ALTER TABLE block ADD CONSTRAINT FK_831B9722158E0B66 FOREIGN KEY (target_id) REFERENCES user (id) ON DELETE CASCADE');
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