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Commit 436b8c41 authored by Realm's avatar Realm Committed by GitHub
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Revert "Bypass SpoonDetector xD"

1. Spoon Detector Was Updated So This Is Of No Use.
2. Caused A Lot Of Issues.
3. Spoon Detector Does Not Block Plugins From Working. It Just Forces The Users To Accept Terms Of Use In A File Created Within The Said Plugin's Folder.
parent c4f5695a
......@@ -321,25 +321,8 @@ class Server{
* @return string
public function getName() : string{
$class = $this->get_calling_class();
$this->logger->debug("HAHA! BYPASSED " . $class . "'s SPOON DETECTOR!");
return "PocketMine-MP"; // lol
return "GenisysPro";
private function get_calling_class() : string {
// tnx
$trace = debug_backtrace();
$class = $trace[1]['class'];
for ( $i=1; $i<count( $trace ); $i++ ) {
if ( isset( $trace[$i] ) )
if ( $class != $trace[$i]['class'] )
return $trace[$i]['class'];
return "null";
* @return bool
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