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Applied Vitaly Magerya patch to permit tail patterns in syntax rules

parent d21eb11e
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
;;; by Eugene Kohlbecker and in R4RS Appendix.
;;; Last file update: 6-Jul-2007 10:45 (eg)
;;; Last file update: 30-Oct-2010 21:09 (eg)
STklos Implementation Notes
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ In particular,
- all the function reside in the module MBE, the only binding which is
visible from outside is DEFINE-SYNTAX (and the fake LET-SYNTAX and
- functions some and butlast used by the original code are added in the
MBE module
- function some used by the original code and function split are added
in the MBE module
- The macro define-syntax itself is expanded to a function call which
parses all the clauses rather than to a cond which tests all the
clauses. This conducts to code which is smaller than the original
......@@ -69,8 +69,14 @@ In particular,
(my-let ((|G156| a)) (set! a b) (set! b |G156|))
which is correct.
- Tail patterns are handled as in SRFI-46. For example:
(define-syntax last-two
(syntax-rules ()
((last-two skip ... x y) '(x y))))
(last-two 1 2 3 4) ===> (3 4)
Tail patterns support was done by Vitaly Magerya
<doc SYNTAX define-syntax
......@@ -136,21 +142,13 @@ doc>
(define some any) ;; because of SRFI-1
(define (butlast lst n)
(letrec ((l (- (length lst) n))
(bl (lambda (lst n)
(let build-until-zero ((lst lst)
(n n)
(result '()))
(cond ((null? lst) (reverse result))
((positive? n)
(build-until-zero (cdr lst)
(- n 1)
(cons (car lst) result)))
(else (reverse result)))))))
(when (negative? n)
(error 'butlast "negative argument ~S" n))
(bl lst l)))
;;; Splits lst into prefix of length n and the rest,
;;; returs a cons of those two.
(define (split lst n)
(let spl ((before '()) (after lst) (i n))
(cond ((<= i 0) (cons (reverse before) after))
((null? after) (error 'split "list is too short"))
(else (spl (cons (car after) before) (cdr after) (- i 1))))))
;;; The following definition are here to avoid compiler warnings about
;;; undefined symbol reference. They will be deleted with the new compiler
......@@ -440,6 +438,7 @@ doc>
(p-tail (cddr p))
(e-head=e-tail (mbe:split-at-ellipsis e p-tail)))
(and e-head=e-tail
(not (memq '... p-tail)) ; fail on multiple ellipses
(let ((e-head (car e-head=e-tail))
(e-tail (cdr e-head=e-tail)))
(and (every
......@@ -542,11 +541,8 @@ doc>
;;; pattern p-tail
(define mbe:split-at-ellipsis
(lambda (e p-tail)
(if (null? p-tail) (cons e '())
(let ((i (mbe:position (car p-tail) e)))
(if i (cons (butlast e (- (length e) i))
(list-tail e i))
(error 'mbe:split-at-ellipsis "bad-arg"))))))
(let ((i (- (length e) (length p-tail))))
(and (>= i 0) (split e i)))))
;;; tests if x is an ellipsing pattern, i.e., of the form
;;; (blah ... . blah2)
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