Commit 366a14aa authored by Erick's avatar Erick

Preparing version stklos-1.01-beta2

parent b1d6b151
2010-12-30 Erick Gallesio <>
* src/ffi.c:
Callbacks with varargs are not well supported by libffi (it doesn't
work on x86_64). The fix used here is an horrible kludge, but it
permits to use GTK+ ScmPkg packages.
[97bdf1f451f7] [tip]
2010-12-29 Erick Gallesio <>
* ChangeLog, NEWS, PORTING-NOTES, SUPPORTED-SRFIS, doc/html/stklos-
ref-1.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-10.html, doc/html/stklos-
ref-11.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-12.html, doc/html/stklos-
ref-13.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-14.html, doc/html/stklos-
ref-15.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-16.html, doc/html/stklos-
ref-2.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-3.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-4.html,
doc/html/stklos-ref-5.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-6.html, doc/html
/stklos-ref-7.html, doc/html/stklos-ref-8.html, doc/html/stklos-
ref-9.html, doc/html/stklos-ref.html, doc/pdf/stklos-ref.pdf:
Preparing version stklos-1.01-beta1
* pkgman/params.stk:
Changed the sync URL for STklos ScmPkg packages
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