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# Building Foorptint Poster
# Building Footprint Poster
Recently a lot of Articles about [making Building Foorptint Posters]( and [Street Patterns Generators]( showed up on the internet. In QGIS it's easy to make those too with Geometry Generator.
<table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="../../Example_images/building_footprint_poster.png"></a></td></tr></table>
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ Below you will find an example of all styles currently in this repository. This
[Details of this Geometry Generator Style](QML-files/holiday_random/)
## Building Foorptint Poster
## Building Footprint Poster
<table><tr><td><a href="QML-files/building_footprint_poster/"><img src="Example_images/building_footprint_poster.png"></a></td></tr></table>
[Details of this Geometry Generator Style](QML-files/building_footprint_poster/)
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