Commit e72724f5 authored by Kerenoc's avatar Kerenoc
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Stats use filter selection (contrib from van der Decken)

parent 28f5d67a
......@@ -2565,7 +2565,7 @@ use Gtk2;
my $self = shift;
my $dialog = $self->getDialog('Stats');
(my $title = $self->{windowTitle}) =~ s/ - GCstar$//;
$dialog->setData($self->{model}, $self->{items}->getItemsListFiltered, $title);
$dialog->setData($self->{model}, $self->{items}->getItemsListFiltered($self->{filterSearch}->getCurrentSearch), $title);
#my $dialog = new GCStatsDialog($self);
#$dialog->setData($self->{model}, $self->{items}->getItemsListFiltered);
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