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  • v0.3.0   v0.3.0
  • v0.2.1   v0.2.1 - Bugfix
    Release v0.2.1


    Bugfix: Fix logic error in BlackJack's dealer logic that doesn't stop the dealer from drawing at 17 points

  • v0.2.0   Version 0.2.0
    Release v0.2.0


    Update: Dependencies are versioned up to up to minor, so that patches can be made without crate updates.

    Update: Documentation for all parts of the crate has been updated

    Breaking: deck_of_cards is now removed, use Deck::default() instead

    New: Added feature small_rng to support rand's small_rng feature which performs better but is more insecure

    Changes for deck

    Update: Decks are now generic, and support defaults for all cards that implment DefaultCollection

    Add: DefaultCollection trait, so that cards can have default decks

    Breaking: Deck can no longer be configured to draw randomly. Use Deck::shuffle or Deck::draw_random method

    Add: Added ease of life methods

    • Deck::draw_rest
    • Deck::is_empty
    • Deck::peek
    • Deck::from_cards
    • Dec::len
    • Deck::empty

    Add: Added the following methods for random opertations:

    • Deck::draw_random
    • Deck::draw_random_many
    • Deck::peek
    • Deck::draw_rest_random

    Update: Deck now implements Extend, FromIter, and `IntoIter

    Update: `Deck now uses VecDeque internally

    Add: DeckBuilder to build decks with more sets

    Changes for slot_machine:

    Add: SlotMachine::picks to get results from spin

    Breaking: field picks for SlotMachine no longer exists use method SlotMachine::picks instead

    Changes for rps:

    Breaking: RpsGame::new no longer takes &str, now takes a Weapon and only returns RpsGame

    Changes for coin_toss::*:

    Breaking: CoinToss::guess now takes a Coin and returns CoinToss

    Breaking: Removed CoinToss::guess_coin, use CoinToss:guess

    Add: Implemented FromStr for Coin

    Changes for StandardCard:

    Breaking: Renamed StandardCard::face_as_string to StandardCard::face_to_string to better express what the method does

    Changes for black_jack::*

    Breaking: Moved black_jack::errors::* to black_jack

    Breaking: BlackJack::new_game now takes a usize, instead of any type that implements Into<Option<usize>>

    Breaking: Rename BlackJack::defreeze to BlackJack::dethaw

    Add: BlackJack::display_game to display game

    Add: black_jack::GameDisplay to display games

    Add: Added a new game, Solitaire