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      SceneCullingState with culling and camera frustum · 91e542b8
      DavidWyand-GG authored
      - Fix for issue https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/issues/525  This
      fix takes into account the skewed view into the world when you have a
      projection offset and the ability to see further into the scene at the
      edges opposite to the offset.
      - SceneCullingState now has two frustum rather than one: a culling
      frustum and camera frustum.
      - The camera frustum should be referenced when you need the projection
      matrix or don't want a skewed frustum.
      - The culling frustum should be referenced during any scene culling or
      when determining what dynamic geometry to render.  It currently skews
      itself to take into account any projection offset (automatically
      calculated in SceneCullingState constructor).
      - When there is no projection offset, the camera frustum and culling
      frustum are the same.  This usually means any time when not using the
      Oculus Rift.
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      Remove namespace from header · 171a2445
      Robert Fritzen authored
      Removing the "using namespace Torque" from header file to prevent issues
      with certain engine addons conflicting with ::UUID defined by windows
      and Torque::UUID defined by T3D.
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      Resolve issue #163 · 7e5ddf4c
      thecelloman authored
      Fixed and assert on changing material, and we now map the material to the MATMGR by name instead of type.
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