Commit d100bd91 authored by DavidWyand-GG's avatar DavidWyand-GG

Support graphic cards with 2GB+ VRAM

- Fix for issue
- Also extended the card profile reporting to the console to include the
graphic card's VRAM.
parent 4717f229
......@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ void GFXCardProfiler::init()
Con::printf(" o Chipset : '%s'", getChipString().c_str());
Con::printf(" o Card : '%s'", getCardString().c_str());
Con::printf(" o Version : '%s'", getVersionString().c_str());
Con::printf(" o VRAM : %d MB", getVideoMemoryInMB());
// Do card-specific setup...
Con::printf(" - Scanning card capabilities...");
......@@ -568,9 +568,20 @@ bool WMIVideoInfo::_queryPropertyWMI( const PVIQueryType queryType, const U32 ad
LONG longVal = v.lVal;
if( queryType == PVI_VRAM )
longVal = longVal >> 20; // Convert to megabytes
*outValue = String::ToString( (S32)longVal );
// While this value is reported as a signed integer, it is possible
// for video cards to have 2GB or more. In those cases the signed
// bit is set and will give us a negative number. Treating this
// as unsigned will allows us to handle video cards with up to
// 4GB of memory. After that we'll need a new solution from Microsoft.
*outValue = String::ToString( (U32)longVal );
*outValue = String::ToString( (S32)longVal );
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