Commit c7a5a120 authored by bank's avatar bank

Fix wrong check for bits (using '&&' instead of '&').

parent 15bad30b
......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ void GFXD3D9TextureManager::_innerCreateTexture( GFXD3D9TextureObject *retTex,
// If this is a render target, and it wants AA or wants to match the backbuffer (for example, to share the z)
// Check the caps though, if we can't stretchrect between textures, use the old RT method. (Which hopefully means
// that they can't force AA on us as well.)
if (retTex->mProfile->isRenderTarget() && mslevel != 0 && (mDeviceCaps.Caps2 && D3DDEVCAPS2_CAN_STRETCHRECT_FROM_TEXTURES))
if (retTex->mProfile->isRenderTarget() && mslevel != 0 && (mDeviceCaps.Caps2 & D3DDEVCAPS2_CAN_STRETCHRECT_FROM_TEXTURES))
D3D9Assert(mD3DDevice->CreateRenderTarget(width, height, d3dTextureFormat,
mstype, mslevel, false, retTex->getSurfacePtr(), NULL),
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