Commit c7206f38 authored by Daniel Buckmaster's avatar Daniel Buckmaster

Merge pull request #699 from eightyeight/fix-gamelistmenuctrl-bitmap

Prevent call to dStrlen(NULL)
parents f78ea9e0 b94679ae
......@@ -736,7 +736,7 @@ bool GuiGameListMenuProfile::onAdd()
// We can't call enforceConstraints() here because incRefCount initializes
// some of the things to enforce. Do a basic sanity check here instead.
if( !dStrlen(mBitmapName) )
if( !mBitmapName || !dStrlen(mBitmapName) )
Con::errorf( "GuiGameListMenuProfile: %s can't be created without a bitmap. Please add a 'Bitmap' property to the object definition.", getName() );
return false;
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