Commit 710d616d authored by DavidWyand-GG's avatar DavidWyand-GG

Revert Player Buoyancy Change

This reverts the change made by  It actually goes
further and comments out the Player's buoyancy calculation rather than
just the change in velocity.
parent c09b2408
......@@ -3098,6 +3098,8 @@ void Player::updateMove(const Move* move)
// Container buoyancy & drag
/* Commented out until the buoyancy calculation can be reworked so that a container and
** player with the same density will result in neutral buoyancy.
if (mBuoyancy != 0)
// Applying buoyancy when standing still causing some jitters-
......@@ -3117,6 +3119,7 @@ void Player::updateMove(const Move* move)
mVelocity.z -= buoyancyForce;
// Apply drag
if ( mSwimming )
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