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Updating libpng to v1.5.14 and zlib to v1.2.7

Since libpng has a dependency upon zlib, both updates were combined for one commit/pull-request.
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Libpng 1.2.24 - December 14, 2007
Libpng 1.5.14 - January 24, 2013
This is a public release of libpng, intended for use in production codes.
......@@ -8,55 +8,69 @@ Files available for download:
Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux) and with a
"configure" script
Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux) without the
"configure" script
libpng-1.5.14.tar.xz (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
Source files with CRLF line endings (for Windows), without the
"configure" script
Project files
lpng1514.7z (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
Other information:
Changes since the last public release (1.2.23):
version 1.2.24 [December 14, 2007]
Moved misplaced test for malloc failure in png_set_sPLT(). This bug was
introduced in libpng-1.2.20.
Ifdef out avg_row etc from png.h and pngwrite.c when PNG_NO_WRITE_FILTER
Do not use png_ptr->free_fn and png_ptr->mem_fn in png_destroy_read_struct()
when png_ptr is NULL (Marshall Clow).
Updated handling of symbol prefixes in and (Mike
Removed a useless test and fixed incorrect test in png_set_cHRM_fixed()
(David Hill).
Make sure not to redefine _BSD_SOURCE in pngconf.h
Revised and makefile.std in contrib/pngminim to avoid compiling
unused files.
Changes since the last public release (1.5.13):
Added -DZ_SOLO to contrib/pngminim/*/makefile to work with zlib-1.2.7
Warn about the incorrect runtime library setting for VS2010 debug DLL builds.
Fixed build when using #define PNG_NO_READ_GAMMA in png_do_compose() in
pngrtran.c (Domani Hannes).
Check for png_ptr==NULL earlier in png_zalloc().
Ignore, with a warning, out-of-range value of num_trans in png_set_tRNS().
Rearranged building of ARM NEON optimizations. The ARM specific code is
split out entirely to the arm subdirectory and changes to and to add new stuff are reduced. Now material code changes,
although for build test purposes, --enable-arm-neon now builds on non-ARM
Rebuilt, configure, etc., with autoconf-2.69 and automake-1.12.5.
Fixed cases of unquoted DESTDIR in
Fixed a minor bug in types to malloc and major bug in handling compressed
iTXt. Compressed iTXt could not be handled.
Cleaned up whitespace in the synopsis portion of the manpage "libpng.3"
Disassembled the version number in scripts/options.awk (necessary for
building on SunOs).
Fixed Windows build issues, enabled ARM compilation. Various warnings issued
by earlier versions of GCC fixed for Cygwin and Min/GW (which both use old
GCCs.) ARM support is enabled by default in zlib.props (unsupported by
Microsoft) and ARM compilation is made possible by deleting the check for
x86. The test programs cannot be run because they are not signed.
Fixed 'make distcheck' on SUN OS - was not being removed
Replaced AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h) with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS([config.h])
De-configured build fixes to make a range of deconfiguration options (such
as switching off read or write support) work in more cases. Also upgraded
pngtest and pngvalid to the libpng 1.6 versions (with some modifications)
which provide more extensive testing. Replaced pngtest.png because pngtest
writes the ancillary chunks in a different order.
Check validity of "num_unknowns" parameter of png_set_unknown_chunks()
(Bug report from yuris).
Revised test for validity of "num_unknowns" to eliminate compiler warnings.
Check the validity of the "nentries" parameter of png_set_sPLT() and the
"num_text" parameter of png_set_text_2().
NOTICE November 17, 2012:
The location of the git repository at SourceForge has changed.
Visit for details.
Send comments/corrections/commendations to png-mng-implement at
(subscription required; visit
(subscription required; visit
to subscribe) or to glennrp at
to subscribe)
or to glennrp at
Glenn R-P
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Installing libpng version 1.2.24 - December 14, 2007
Installing libpng
On Unix/Linux and similar systems, you can simply type
......@@ -13,10 +13,16 @@ If configure does not work on your system and you have a reasonably
up-to-date set of tools, running ./ before running ./configure
may fix the problem. You can also run the individual commands in with the --force option, if supported by your version of
the tools. If you run 'libtoolize --force', though, this will replace
the distributed, patched, version of with an unpatched version
and your shared library builds may fail to produce libraries with the
correct version numbers.
the tools. To be really sure that you aren't using any of the included
pre-built scripts, you can do this:
./configure --enable-maintainer-mode
make maintainer-clean
./configure [--prefix=/path] [other options]
make install
make check
Instead, you can use one of the custom-built makefiles in the
"scripts" directory
......@@ -25,27 +31,29 @@ Instead, you can use one of the custom-built makefiles in the
make test
make install
Or you can use one of the "projects" in the "projects" directory.
If you want to use "cmake" (see, copy CMakeLists.txt
from the "scripts" directory to this directory and type
The files that are presently available in the scripts directory
are listed and described in scripts/README.txt.
make install
Or you can use one of the "projects" in the "projects" directory.
Before installing libpng, you must first install zlib, if it
is not already on your system. zlib can usually be found
wherever you got libpng. zlib can be placed in another directory,
at the same level as libpng.
If you want to use "cmake" (see, type
make install
If your system already has a preinstalled zlib you will still need
to have access to the zlib.h and zconf.h include files that
correspond to the version of zlib that's installed.
You can rename the directories that you downloaded (they
might be called "libpng-1.2.24" or "lpng109" and "zlib-1.2.1"
or "zlib121") so that you have directories called "zlib" and "libpng".
might be called "libpng-x.y.z" or "libpngNN" and "zlib-1.2.5"
or "zlib125") so that you have directories called "zlib" and "libpng".
Your directory structure should look like this:
......@@ -55,19 +63,25 @@ Your directory structure should look like this:
CMakeLists.txt => "cmake" script
configuration files:, configure,,,, config.guess,, missing,,, aclocal.m4,, config.sub,
depcomp, install-sh, mkinstalldirs,
c5builder (Borland)
visualc6 (msvc)
*.def (module definition files)
......@@ -82,80 +96,13 @@ distribution of libpng. It is available in both tar.gz (UNIX style line
endings) and zip (DOS style line endings) formats.
If you are building libpng with MSVC, you can enter the
libpng projects\visualc6 directory and follow the instructions in
libpng projects\visualc6 or visualc71 directory and follow the instructions
in README.txt.
You can build libpng for WindowsCE by downloading and installing
the projects\wince directory as instructed in the projects\wince.txt file, and
then following the instructions in the README* files. Similarly, you can
build libpng for Netware or Beos as instructed in projects\netware.txt
or projects\beos.
Else enter the zlib directory and follow the instructions in zlib/README,
Otherwise enter the zlib directory and follow the instructions in zlib/README,
then come back here and run "configure" or choose the appropriate
makefile.sys in the scripts directory.
The files that are presently available in the scripts directory
CMakeLists.txt => "cmake" script
makefile.std => Generic UNIX makefile (cc, creates static libpng.a)
makefile.elf => Linux/ELF makefile symbol versioning,
gcc, creates
makefile.linux => Linux/ELF makefile
(gcc, creates
makefile.gcc => Generic makefile (gcc, creates static libpng.a)
makefile.knr => Archaic UNIX Makefile that converts files with
ansi2knr (Requires ansi2knr.c from
makefile.aix => AIX/gcc makefile
makefile.cygwin => Cygwin/gcc makefile
makefile.darwin => Darwin makefile, can use on MacosX
makefile.dec => DEC Alpha UNIX makefile
makefile.freebsd => FreeBSD makefile
makefile.hpgcc => HPUX makefile using gcc
makefile.hpux => HPUX (10.20 and 11.00) makefile
makefile.hp64 => HPUX (10.20 and 11.00) makefile, 64-bit
makefile.ibmc => IBM C/C++ version 3.x for Win32 and OS/2 (static) => Intel C/C++ version 4.0 and later
libpng.icc => Project file for IBM VisualAge/C++ version 4.0 or later
makefile.netbsd => NetBSD/cc makefile, uses PNGGCCRD, makes
makefile.ne12bsd => NetBSD/cc makefile, uses PNGGCCRD,
makefile.openbsd => OpenBSD makefile
makefile.sgi => Silicon Graphics IRIX makefile (cc, creates static lib)
makefile.sggcc => Silicon Graphics (gcc,
makefile.sunos => Sun makefile
makefile.solaris => Solaris 2.X makefile (gcc,
makefile.solaris-x86 => Solaris/intelMMX 2.X makefile (gcc,
makefile.so9 => Solaris 9 makefile (gcc,
makefile.32sunu => Sun Ultra 32-bit makefile
makefile.64sunu => Sun Ultra 64-bit makefile
makefile.sco => For SCO OSr5 ELF and Unixware 7 with Native cc
makefile.mips => MIPS makefile
makefile.acorn => Acorn makefile
makefile.amiga => Amiga makefile
smakefile.ppc => AMIGA smakefile for SAS C V6.58/7.00 PPC compiler
(Requires SCOPTIONS, copied from scripts/SCOPTIONS.ppc)
makefile.atari => Atari makefile
makefile.beos => BEOS makefile for X86
makefile.bor => Borland makefile (uses bcc)
makefile.bc32 => 32-bit Borland C++ (all modules compiled in C mode)
makefile.tc3 => Turbo C 3.0 makefile
makefile.dj2 => DJGPP 2 makefile
makefile.msc => Microsoft C makefile
makefile.vcwin32 => makefile for Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 and later
makefile.os2 => OS/2 Makefile (gcc and emx, requires pngos2.def)
pngos2.def => OS/2 module definition file used by makefile.os2
makefile.watcom => Watcom 10a+ Makefile, 32-bit flat memory model => VMS build script
descrip.mms => VMS makefile for MMS or MMK
SCOPTIONS.ppc => Used with smakefile.ppc
Copy the file (or files) that you need from the
scripts directory into this directory, for example
......@@ -165,7 +112,7 @@ scripts directory into this directory, for example
Read the makefile to see if you need to change any source or
target directories to match your preferences.
Then read pngconf.h to see if you want to make any configuration
Then read pnglibconf.dfa to see if you want to make any configuration
Then just run "make" which will create the libpng library in
......@@ -183,17 +130,6 @@ do that, run "make install" in the zlib directory first if necessary).
Some also allow you to run "make test-installed" after you have
run "make install".
If you encounter a compiler error message complaining about the
__png.h__ already includes setjmp.h;
__dont__ include it again.;
This means you have compiled another module that includes setjmp.h,
which is hazardous because the two modules might not include exactly
the same setjmp.h. If you are sure that you know what you are doing
and that they are exactly the same, then you can comment out or
delete the two lines. Better yet, use the cexcept interface
instead, as demonstrated in contrib/visupng of the libpng distribution.
Further information can be found in the README and libpng.txt
Further information can be found in the README and libpng-manual.txt
files, in the individual makefiles, in png.h, and the manual pages
libpng.3 and png.5.
Known bugs in libpng version 1.2.24
1. February 23, 2006: The custom makefiles don't build libpng with -lz.
STATUS: This is a subject of debate. The change will probably be made
as a part of a major overhaul of the makefiles in libpng version 1.4.0.
2. February 24, 2006: The Makefile generated by the "configure" script
fails to install symbolic links =>
that are generated by the custom makefiles.
3. September 4, 2007: There is a report that pngtest crashes on MacOS 10.
STATUS: workarounds are
1) Compile without optimization (crashes are observed with
-arch i386 and -O2 or -O3, using gcc-4.0.1).
2) Compile pngtest.c with PNG_DEBUG defined (the bug goes away if
you try to look at it).
3) Ignore the crash. The library itself seems to be OK.
......@@ -8,8 +8,10 @@ COPYRIGHT NOTICE, DISCLAIMER, and LICENSE:
If you modify libpng you may insert additional notices immediately following
this sentence.
libpng versions 1.2.6, August 15, 2004, through 1.2.24, December 14, 2007, are
Copyright (c) 2004, 2006-2007 Glenn Randers-Pehrson, and are
This code is released under the libpng license.
libpng versions 1.2.6, August 15, 2004, through 1.5.14, January 24, 2013, are
Copyright (c) 2004, 2006-2012 Glenn Randers-Pehrson, and are
distributed according to the same disclaimer and license as libpng-1.2.5
with the following individual added to the list of Contributing Authors
......@@ -106,4 +108,4 @@ certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.
Glenn Randers-Pehrson
glennrp at
December 14, 2007
January 24, 2013
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TODO - list of things to do for libpng:
Final bug fixes.
Improve API by hiding the png_struct and png_info structs.
Finish work on the no-floating-point version (including gamma compensation)
Better C++ wrapper/full C++ implementation?
Fix problem with C++ and EXTERN "C".
cHRM transformation.
Improve setjmp/longjmp usage or remove it in favor of returning error codes.
Remove setjmp/longjmp usage in favor of returning error codes.
Add "grayscale->palette" transformation and "palette->grayscale" detection.
Improved dithering.
Multi-lingual error and warning message support.
......@@ -17,8 +16,12 @@ Better filter selection
(counting huffman bits/precompression? filter inertia? filter costs?).
Histogram creation.
Text conversion between different code pages (Latin-1 -> Mac and DOS).
Should we always malloc 2^bit_depth PLTE/tRNS/hIST entries for safety?
Build gamma tables using fixed point (and do away with floating point entirely).
Avoid building gamma tables whenever possible.
Use greater precision when changing to linear gamma for compositing against
background and doing rgb-to-gray transformation.
Investigate pre-incremented loop counters and other loop constructions.
Add interpolated method of handling interlacing.
Switch to the simpler zlib (zlib/libpng) license if legally possible.
Extend pngvalid.c to validate more of the libpng transformations.
Y2K compliance in libpng:
December 14, 2007
Since the PNG Development group is an ad-hoc body, we can't make
an official declaration.
This is your unofficial assurance that libpng from version 0.71 and
upward through 1.2.24 are Y2K compliant. It is my belief that earlier
versions were also Y2K compliant.
Libpng only has three year fields. One is a 2-byte unsigned integer
that will hold years up to 65535. The other two hold the date in text
format, and will hold years up to 9999.
The integer is
"png_uint_16 year" in png_time_struct.
The strings are
"png_charp time_buffer" in png_struct and
"near_time_buffer", which is a local character string in png.c.
There are seven time-related functions:
png_convert_to_rfc_1123() in png.c
(formerly png_convert_to_rfc_1152() in error)
png_convert_from_struct_tm() in pngwrite.c, called in pngwrite.c
png_convert_from_time_t() in pngwrite.c
png_get_tIME() in pngget.c
png_handle_tIME() in pngrutil.c, called in pngread.c
png_set_tIME() in pngset.c
png_write_tIME() in pngwutil.c, called in pngwrite.c
All appear to handle dates properly in a Y2K environment. The
png_convert_from_time_t() function calls gmtime() to convert from system
clock time, which returns (year - 1900), which we properly convert to
the full 4-digit year. There is a possibility that applications using
libpng are not passing 4-digit years into the png_convert_to_rfc_1123()
function, or that they are incorrectly passing only a 2-digit year
instead of "year - 1900" into the png_convert_from_struct_tm() function,
but this is not under our control. The libpng documentation has always
stated that it works with 4-digit years, and the APIs have been
documented as such.
The tIME chunk itself is also Y2K compliant. It uses a 2-byte unsigned
integer to hold the year, and can hold years as large as 65535.
zlib, upon which libpng depends, is also Y2K compliant. It contains
no date-related code.
Glenn Randers-Pehrson
libpng maintainer
PNG Development Group
echo "
There is no \"configure\" script in this distribution of
There is no \"configure\" script in this distribution (*.zip or *.7z) of
Instead, please copy the appropriate makefile for your system from the
\"scripts\" directory. Read the INSTALL file for more details.
Update, July 2004: you can get a \"configure\" based distribution
from the libpng distribution sites. Download the file
libpng-1.2.24.tar.gz or libpng-1.2.24.tar.bz2
libpng-1.5.14.tar.gz, libpng-1.5.14.tar.xz, or libpng-1.5.14.tar.bz2
If the line endings in the files look funny, which is likely to be the
case if you were trying to run \"configure\" on a Linux machine, you may
wish to get the other distribution of libpng. It is available in both
tar.gz/tar.xz (UNIX style line endings, with \"configure\") and .7z/.zip
(DOS style line endings, without \"configure\") formats.
This "contrib" directory contains contributions which are not necessarily under
the libpng license, although all are open source. They are not part of
libpng proper and are not used for building the library.
Copyright (c) 1998-2007 Greg Roelofs. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1998-2008 Greg Roelofs. All rights reserved.
This software is provided "as is," without warranty of any kind,
express or implied. In no event shall the author or contributors
......@@ -23,9 +23,9 @@
# macros --------------------------------------------------------------------
PNGINC = -I/usr/local/include/libpng12
PNGLIB = -L/usr/local/lib -lpng12 # dynamically linked against libpng
#PNGLIB = /usr/local/lib/libpng12.a # statically linked against libpng
PNGINC = -I/usr/local/include/libpng15
PNGLIB = -L/usr/local/lib -lpng15 # dynamically linked against libpng
#PNGLIB = /usr/local/lib/libpng15.a # statically linked against libpng
# or:
#PNGINC = -I../..
#PNGLIB = -L../.. -lpng
......@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@
# macros --------------------------------------------------------------------
#PNGDIR = /usr/local/lib
#PNGINC = -I/usr/local/include/libpng12
#PNGLIBd = -L$(PNGDIR) -lpng12 # dynamically linked, installed libpng
#PNGLIBs = $(PNGDIR)/libpng12.a # statically linked, installed libpng
#PNGINC = -I/usr/local/include/libpng15
#PNGLIBd = -L$(PNGDIR) -lpng15 # dynamically linked, installed libpng
#PNGLIBs = $(PNGDIR)/libpng15.a # statically linked, installed libpng
# or:
PNGDIR = ../..# this one is for libpng-x.y.z/contrib/gregbook builds
#PNGDIR = ../libpng
PNGLIBd = -Wl,-rpath,$(PNGDIR) -L$(PNGDIR) -lpng12 # dynamically linked
PNGLIBd = -Wl,-rpath,$(PNGDIR) -L$(PNGDIR) -lpng15 # dynamically linked
PNGLIBs = $(PNGDIR)/libpng.a # statically linked, local libpng
ZDIR = /usr/local/lib
......@@ -56,16 +56,16 @@ mation and links to the latest version of the source code, and Chapters
Greg Roelofs
2 June 2007
16 March 2008
- Prerequisites (in order of compilation):
- zlib
- libpng
- pngbook
- zlib
- libpng
- pngbook
The pngbook demo programs are explicitly designed to demonstrate proper
coding techniques for using the libpng reference library. As a result,
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ BUILD INSTRUCTIONS
unpacked the source code.
For MSVC, set up the necessary environment variables by invoking
where where %devstudio% is the installation directory for MSVC /
......@@ -165,19 +165,19 @@ RUNNING THE PROGRAMS: (VERY) BRIEF INTRO
rpng is a simple PNG viewer that can display transparent PNGs with a
specified background color; for example,
rpng -bgcolor #ff0000 toucan.png
rpng -bgcolor \#ff0000 toucan.png
would display the image with a red background. rpng2 is a progressive
viewer that simulates a web browser in some respects; it can display
images against either a background color or a dynamically generated
background image. For example:
rpng2 -bgpat 16 toucan.png
rpng2 -bgpat 16 toucan.png
wpng is a purely command-line image converter from binary PBMPLUS/NetPBM
format (.pgm or .ppm) to PNG; for example,
wpng -time < toucan-notrans.ppm > toucan-notrans.png
wpng -time < toucan-notrans.ppm > toucan-notrans.png
would convert the specified PPM file (using redirection) to PNG, auto-
matically setting the PNG modification-time chunk.
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ int readpng_init(FILE *infile, ulg *pWidth, ulg *pHeight)
* have used slightly more general png_sig_cmp() function instead */
fread(sig, 1, 8, infile);
if (!png_check_sig(sig, 8))
if (png_sig_cmp(sig, 0, 8))
return 1; /* bad signature */
......@@ -229,8 +229,14 @@ uch *readpng_get_image(double display_exponent, int *pChannels, ulg *pRowbytes)
if (png_get_valid(png_ptr, info_ptr, PNG_INFO_tRNS))
if (bit_depth == 16)
# else
# endif
if (color_type == PNG_COLOR_TYPE_GRAY ||
......@@ -263,7 +269,8 @@ uch *readpng_get_image(double display_exponent, int *pChannels, ulg *pRowbytes)
return NULL;
Trace((stderr, "readpng_get_image: channels = %d, rowbytes = %ld, height = %ld\n", *pChannels, rowbytes, height));
Trace((stderr, "readpng_get_image: channels = %d, rowbytes = %ld, height = %ld\n",
*pChannels, rowbytes, height));
/* set the individual row_pointers to point at the correct offsets */
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
Copyright (c) 1998-2007 Greg Roelofs. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1998-2008 Greg Roelofs. All rights reserved.
This software is provided "as is," without warranty of any kind,
express or implied. In no event shall the author or contributors
......@@ -69,6 +69,12 @@
# define Trace(x) ;
enum rpng2_states {
kPreInit = 0,
typedef unsigned char uch;
typedef unsigned short ush;
typedef unsigned long ulg;
......@@ -90,12 +96,7 @@ typedef struct _mainprog_info {
int rowbytes;
int channels;
int need_bgcolor;
#if (defined(__i386__) || defined(_M_IX86) || defined(__x86_64__))
int nommxfilters;
int nommxcombine;
int nommxinterlace;
int done;
int state;
uch bg_red;
uch bg_green;
uch bg_blue;
......@@ -23,10 +23,11 @@
command-line parsing bug
- 1.10: enabled "message window"/console (thanks to David Geldreich)
- 2.00: dual-licensed (added GNU GPL)