Commit 4f4c496f authored by DavidWyand-GG's avatar DavidWyand-GG

Fix platforms that don't support PVI_NumAdapters

Not all platforms currently support the PVI_NumAdapters query from
PlatformVideoInfo.  This fix puts in the assumption that there is always
1 adapter if the PVI_NumAdapaters query returns false.  This was the
behaviour prior to PVI_NumAdapters being put in place.
parent a8413374
......@@ -52,9 +52,15 @@ bool PlatformVideoInfo::profileAdapters()
String tempString;
if( !_queryProperty( PVI_NumAdapters, 0, &tempString ) )
return false;
mAdapters.increment( dAtoi( tempString ) );
// Not all platforms may support PVI_NumAdapters. We will assume that there
// is one adapter. This was the behavior before PVI_NumAdapters was implemented.
mAdapters.increment( 1 );
mAdapters.increment( dAtoi( tempString ) );
U32 adapterNum = 0;
for( Vector<PVIAdapter>::iterator itr = mAdapters.begin(); itr != mAdapters.end(); itr++ )
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