Commit 439192f8 authored by Daniel Buckmaster's avatar Daniel Buckmaster

Merge pull request #645 from Azaezel/ridgidshape_updateForces

Ridgidshape update forces
parents cf5d48e6 a73a4a84
......@@ -1141,11 +1141,11 @@ void RigidShape::updatePos(F32 dt)
void RigidShape::updateForces(F32 /*dt*/)
if (mDisableMove) return;
Point3F gravForce(0, 0, sRigidShapeGravity * mRigid.mass * mGravityMod);
MatrixF currTransform;
mRigid.atRest = false;
Point3F torque(0, 0, 0);
Point3F force(0, 0, 0);
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