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Update readme and version
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/// code version, the game name, and which type of game it is (TGB, TGE, TGEA, etc.).
/// Version number is major * 1000 + minor * 100 + revision * 10.
/// Human readable engine version string.
/// Gets the engine version number. The version number is specified as a global in
U32 getVersionNumber();
Torque 3D v3.6.1
Torque 3D v3.6.2
MIT Licensed Open Source version of [Torque 3D]( from [GarageGames](
......@@ -21,7 +21,9 @@ Pre-compiled Version
In addition to GitHub we also have a couple of pre-packaged files for you to download if you would prefer to not compile the code yourself:
* [Complete Torque 3D 3.6.1 zip package]( with updated TorqueScript documentation, the *Project Manager*, and compiled versions of the templates.
* [Torque 3D 3.6 Full template](, which contains precompiled binaries.
* [Complete Torque 3D 3.6 zip package]( containing the contents of this repository.
* [Windows binaries for 3.6.2]( which you can drop into your existing script projects.
* [Torque 3D Project Manager v2.1]( on its own for use in your T3D forks.
If you're looking for an older release see the [Torque 3D Archive](
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