Commit 0b6b7f73 authored by Taras Podoroga's avatar Taras Podoroga

There is no /shape/ subdirectory in art/particles any more.

parent 95ef5ec2
......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ function onServerCreated()
// Load up any objects or datablocks saved to the editor managed scripts
%datablockFiles = new ArrayObject();
%datablockFiles.add( "art/shapes/particles/managedParticleData.cs" );
%datablockFiles.add( "art/shapes/particles/managedParticleEmitterData.cs" );
%datablockFiles.add( "art/particles/managedParticleData.cs" );
%datablockFiles.add( "art/particles/managedParticleEmitterData.cs" );
%datablockFiles.add( "art/decals/managedDecalData.cs" );
%datablockFiles.add( "art/datablocks/managedDatablocks.cs" );
%datablockFiles.add( "art/forest/managedItemData.cs" );
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